Your chances of falling pregnant after 40

Your chances of falling pregnant after 40

– I can’t believe that women past 35 are called geriatric mothers. Oh my goodness! How are you supposed to
feel fertile and fresh when that’s what you’re labeled as? (upbeat music) Hello lovelies and welcome
to another one of my videos in which we’ll be talking
about what your chances are of conceiving when you’re past 40. Can I have a little chance to rant? I can’t believe that women past 35 are called geriatric mothers. Oh my goodness! How are you supposed to
feel fertile and fresh when that’s what you’re labeled as? And I know advanced
maternal age is used as well but come on, is that any better? So if you’re past 40 or you’re nearing 40, I want to boost your confidence today. You know what, I get this question a lot in the discovery calls
with prospective patients or patients that have already
started treatment with me. They ask me, “I’m already past 40. “I’m 41, 42, 43, “do you think it’s ever
gonna happen for me?” And I always have the same answer. Listen, you only need one good egg. As long as you’re ovulating,
we have a lot to work with. And the question I always ask
and that you can ask yourself is what age was your mom
when she hit menopause? Now I know a lot of
you who might not know this, but those that do know, that can give you a little
bit of breathing room because if you’re 40 and your mom was 49 or 50 or 52 when menopause really hit, then you know you’ve got
a little bit of space. So yes, of course, if you
look at the statistics, somebody that’s above 40 has a 5 percent chance of conceiving. But hang on, that statistic
is about the chance that you’ll conceive in your first cycle. It makes sense that when you’re older, it might take a little bit longer. But guess what, you have a lot of things that you can do to improve your chances. One of the things that a
lot of women are ruled by is this awful AMH numbers. And yes, if your numbers aren’t great in your blood test results, then, of course, that is concerning. But you know what, you
can improve those numbers. AMH, ideally, should be above one and as we age, that
number goes down anyway. But it still doesn’t say anything about your fertility today. The only thing it tells you is, girl, your reserves are running out. Well, thanks Sherlock. I didn’t know that yet. So that brings me back to that
one good egg that you need. And you have the opportunity
to improve your egg quality just by changing your lifestyle, by having a good diet, by exercising, by working on your
emotional well-being as well and making sure that you get enough rest. That alone will improve
your egg quality immensely. I’ll make sure to link
in also my recent video about improving your egg quality. However, it takes two to tango, right? I think that you have a husband
that needs to participate in the baby making. So, of course you need him to
be in the best shape possible. So if you already know that
his sperm quality isn’t great, the amount isn’t fantastic or there’s something
wrong with their shape, then you want to make
sure that is addressed and supplements and
lifestyle change can do a lot but I obviously highly
recommend homeopathy. So if your husband’s sperm
isn’t of great quality, you need to make sure
that you address that. And sometimes even if the quality is okay, if the test results come back fine, there could be an
underlying autoimmune issue or there could be metal toxicity that needs to be addressed. And lastly, something that could
really block your fertility is the past use of synthetic hormones. Now, that can be the contraceptive pill or the injections and don’t
forget the hormonal coil, but it could also be fertility drugs if you’ve used those in the past and can even be steroids. These things leave a lasting
imprint on your hormonal system and you need your hormones to be in the best shape possible, right? So, basically, what I want you
to take away from this video is that you have the
opportunity to be fertile and you only need one good egg but what you do need to do is make sure that you are both in
the best shape possible. As I said, you can do
that with supplements, with lifestyle changes, but homeopathic treatment
can make a huge difference. Have a look at the fertility
plans that I offer. Book in a discovery call
if you just want to chat to me about your case. Because yes, you don’t
have another 20 years so you want to make the
most of your time, right? And one of the plans that
I offer can give you just that fertility boosting
sprint that you need. I hope you feel encouraged. If you do, like this
video or comment below. And if you are past 40 and
you had a healthy baby, do comment as well below because I want other women
that are trying to conceive to be encouraged by your experience. And in the meantime,
see you the next video. Bye. (upbeat music)

60 thoughts on “Your chances of falling pregnant after 40

  • My mom went through menopause at 53; she had no fertility issues. I found out at 31 that I have low AMH. Does this mean I'll go through menopause super early even though my mom was 53 when she went through menopause?

  • I am 41 trying now. It is not easy when doctors were telling me at 38 oh you better hurry up. Your getting up there in age. That is not cool. So thanks for the video.

  • Hi dear…..really I need your support regarding my case.
    I am above 40 and I did ivf and retrieved 11 ovums at 30 December and 3 only succeeded to be embryos and on 2nd January 2019 I had 3 fresh embryo transfer at day 3.
    In 12th January I did urine test it was negative. On day 14th January is faint positive and Bhcg is only 19 and progesterone is only 7.3 and already taking progesterone supplements and estradiol. On 17th January bhcg was 29 and on 19th is only 35.75.
    Am really confused and I don't know what to do…..

  • My husband and I are older. I'm 42. He's 53. I'm still very able-bodied. He's disabled (he had a stroke in 2010–which left him as a hemiplegic, or paralyzed on one side (his left side)). He's not able to fully exercise. So with diet and supplements (he's a vegan, and he's taking a number of vitamins and supplements), do you still think there is a chance?

  • I am almost 40 with diminished ovarian reserve. I did acupuncture and herbal supplements prepping prior to ivf and my eggs didn't responded at all to the stim shots 🙁 My lifestyle is pretty clean and I take good supps. I am beyond blessed that I have a son from the first ivf a few years back.

  • Yes, I got preg at 42, gave birth at 43… with IVF as I am a single mom by choice. But I spent 4 months prepping my body, then 3-4 failed IUI's (oh well :)), then IVF, which I responded very well to. I even have one more perfect, PGS tested, blastocyst waiting for me. I'll use that in Aug. Ill be 44:) . I did ALL of the things to prepare and had a really fun time learning about my body and it felt good to be healthy and see the changes. Acupuncture was helpful, too. Love these videos. I'm managing to relax about the wait, but its a fun topic to me. My lining was just under the usual minimum, but healthy tri-layer. That is something I will be focusing on more starting in April…. and quitting coffee again…cry cry 🙂

  • Hi I’m 47, have been trying to get pregnant for years I have two grown sons but am desperate for a daughter. I’m in my two week wait, hoping for a positive. I had a miscarriage last August which was devestating . I eat healthy and exercise. My mom has a hysterectomy at 35, so didn’t go through menopause.

  • My mom had me at 37. She went into menopause at around mid 50s…

    Im 37 now and TTC.. so i have my fingers crossed♡.

  • Thank you. I am 41 and 8 DPO. And 8 days after my 2nd IUI. I am taking Endometrin, but have pinching and cramping today and my breasts are sore with shooting pains. Fingers crossed. I really, REALLY needed to hear this today. (I have no fertility issues, just haven't tried to get pregnant before this last November). Thank you again.

  • I got pregnant naturally at 42. I was 43 by the time I had my daughter. My husband is 53!! Our daughter is now two months old. All I did was pray and ask the Lord to bless us with a baby, exercised, and took Gertiol vitamins!!! It worked!!

  • Ill be 40 in 3 months and never been able to conceive. Starting chlomid in the next month after I have surgery to dx endometriosis end of this month.

  • I just turned 41 and I've been taking dhea, folic acid, vit e, antioxidant, flaxseed. My bf is working as a chef in a ship and would have his vacation every other 5 months. We've been together since 2016 but never once did i have any delay on my menstrual period. I'm worried and i really hope i can still have a baby.

  • I really needed to hear this am in my early 40s and I had a miscarriage April 2018. I have two boys and want a girl. After the miscaŕriage I gave up and just recently started trying again. I used IUD and hard trouble getting it out b4 I took in last year now my fear is maybe I had the IUD for too long so confused now.sorry for rambling ….

  • plz tell us what all are the supplents to take and dose of it. if possible where to get it.hydration howmuch/day?do you know herb shatavari is ok to take while taking meds for IUI or IVF?.8 month ago My fisrt IVF failed(10 eggs retrived only 6 fertilized on day 1 but only one mature that did not stick)i only took prenetal vitamins not other supplements,rested well on 2 wks but no execise, just turned 40 ,now i plan to do IUI in a month of 1-2,my feet and hands are all always cold unless outside temp is 80s in fahrenheit. need to make good quality eggs. so awaiting your reply.i am realy so moved with your videos…

  • thank you so much for information. I am 43 year old and I was marred at 2016 but I were't get baby Because Hormone Imbalance occur, what shall I do?

  • I'm feeling very discouraged being 39 turning 40 this Summer. I have very irregular cycles only get like 3 a year did use birth control pills most of my 20s,have seen specialist and they have ran test nothing stood out. They pushed using egg donors that doesn't feel right for me and said I have low ovarian reserve etc. It's very discouraging and people say why did you wait so long so people can be even more upsetting so praying not giving up.

  • Thank u so much..i just trying again and we miscarried..u should had seen my doctors face when we wanted to try again..i felt awful for us…i was looked at like u r way too old..thank u

  • I have pcos patient two time pregnant but miscarriage my age 40 please help me docter sy you are aged whic medicine i used got pregnant

  • Thank you for this encouraging video. After reading online all the negative terms and numbers they give women in their forties I was feeling pretty defeated. When I do get pregnant I'm going to come back and comment on this page to encourage more Mom's to be in their 40's.

  • Hello I'm am 42 and I am trying to get pregnant again I have a 7 year old son and my boyfriend is 33 yearold so I have a question I had my period on this month just for 2 days and I have sex with my boyfriend now I feel my breast really painful and I been feeling very funny and sinces we are together we been not having protection so we have a son like I said he is 7 year old so can't someone tell me if I could be pregnant? I had my period on 3/18/19 but it's was not on my pad its was when I go to the bathroom and pea so on the 3/20/19 I had sex caused we didn't see blood now I don't now know someone can't help me please.thanks fertility homeopath?

  • I’m 40 and got pregnant for the first time last month with the 1st round of Ivf. But I miscarried, the baby stopped growing at week 6. 🙁 They collected 10 mature eggs (with long protocole) but only 3 fertilized and 2 made it. What can I do to increase my chances? Thank you.

  • Im struggling now to concieve in my 40s. But i had naturally several babies after 35 my last one was born at age 40. Trust me 35 is far from over.

  • My mother concieved and delivered a beautifull baby (1 week over due) when she was 40. She is now my younger sister. My mom was 38 when she had me.

  • D vitamin and A vitamin is important especially living in dark North. But the Cold temperatures are told to be good for sperm and egg. Any studies done about this more than recomending men to not wear too warm clothes under and wimen not taking to hot baths and showers and so on. So freezing is good then? But during lutheal face you should keep temperature up and warm with clothes and warm food ( avoid hot liquids as tea and coffe and too warm food as well, its not good for your mouth and gut eather with too warm Foods and liquids ). Perhaps Think worthie.

  • @Fertility homeopath, hi I’m 32, I hv pcos from last 5years and I took so many tests but not able conceive and I can’t do exercise n walking, im doing only diet, because I’m disabled when I was 6th month baby attacked polio then after that I’m using wheelchair, please help me to conceive, what food should i take and is there any chance to conceive…..

  • Thank you for this video. First encouraging video for women over 40. Tired of all the depressing and negative labeling videos out there. God bless you

  • Thanks for this video! I'm wondering if there is anything to do about a short follicular phase. I worry about ovulating too early to release eggs that are mature enough to get fertilized. I know this comes with age, but I can't seem to find any good information on what (if anything) can be done to encourage the eggs to stay put a bit longer so they can develop more fully!!

  • i hear everywhere that 40 and over everything falls apart. I never hear anything good. I felt fine until I turned 40 and now I am believing what I hear :'( . The labels really mess you up. Also, I am adopted so dont know when my mom hit meno.

  • I am 36… had laparascopy for endomeriosis…buy my gycnachologist says i am almost having a menopause as my AMH levels are below 0-1 and that's distressing me a lot… Am i never ever going to have a baby? My doc even said after the laparascopy that i won't have periods and have to opt for a doner IVF… But after six months of sergery i got my periods… And they are becoming regular gradually… So please tell me what can i do to get a baby naturally? Please help

  • This made me feel worse ☹️ 5%??? Well I just turned 37, and havent had a Baby, what would be my percentage? 😕

  • thanks for info. I got pregnant naturally following this guide:=> infertilityinwomen. com <= (google it).

  • I am 40 y/o and had my last child at 29. I have 2 children, and I had no trouble becoming pregnant either time. I had a MIRENA inserted after my last pregnancy and had one in place for 10 years. It was removed in April and I am TTC currently, as my new husband is 26y/o. I never charted or kept track of my menstrual cycle when I was young and I have been doing that since my first period after removal of my IUD. Thank you for all of your videos. They have been enlightening. I worry that I will not be able to give him a child, but I am trying.

  • What is AMH? I’m Canadian I don’t see that on my typical annual physical lab test results.. is this something we have to ask for specifically?

  • Thank you. I watch this video when I feel like I can't take it anymore, AND, I haven't even started TTC yet, but will be in a few months. I am 40 and my BF is 26. I thought I was through having children until I met him : ) His mother is only 49, and with all due respect, she is extremely overweight and I KNOW she has hormonal imbalance as she has been losing her hair, and went through early menopause. She now tells him that I am too old to have kids and that I am lying to him when I say that there is no obvious reason that I cannot. My mother is 56 and did not go through menopause until a couple of years ago. I have 2 children, the last at 29y/o. I didn't actually plan either of them : ( I didn't chart or even know when I was pregnant either time. Now, I am obsessed. I had a hormonal coil removed April 2, after 10yrs. I have been attempting to improve egg quality through your video tips, with supplements, diet, and exercise. At 35, I changed my life as far as diet and exercise. I lost almost 50lbs and have eaten very clean the majority of the time since. I did smoke for years though : ( So far, I had a normal period (first one in 10yrs) about a week after the coil was removed, then another 29 days later. I think my CM is affected by dehydration, I'm working on that. I also wrongly took benadryl to sleep during my last cycle, so I know that dried it up! I won't be doing that again!! My BBT fluctuates so bad (maybe user error and timing) that I haven't noticed a pattern yet. Honestly, I just needed to vent and this is the only safe place for me. Thank you for all of your advice. As a healthcare provider, I KNOW that homeopathy has a place in/with Western medicine, I truly believe that and would love to incorporate it into my practice one day ( I finish school in November). Again, thank you.

  • Had my first baby at 40 and now ttc baby 2 at 42. Thanks so much for this video. Trying for 4 months now but not to worry it 7 months for first child. Praying for a blessing.

  • Have you seen this video?
    That video gave me hope and now your channel abd others on YouTube have given me more info on the subject. I cannot believe doctors giving off so much disinformation and putting so many women through so much stress when they could inform them on their actual options. If you haven't seen that video then please watch it and share it. Thanks again for what you do.

  • Thank you for this video! I too get so annoyed by the term "geriatric pregnancy". It can be really discouraging.

  • What good information thanks for sharing. 😀😁🙋‍♀ I managed to get pregnant following this method It is a natural method that works.

  • I got pregnant naturally on the first try at 42. I have a very healthy 3 yr old. Im now 46 and TTC baby 2. Thanks for al of your great videos!

  • I'm trying to conceive at 42 I had a uterus rapture but the doctors who operated on me 3 and a half yearsago said they did not remove my uterus so I can still conceive but I have been trying so much and nothing is happening please help…..

  • Hi there beautiful moms! I am 39 and TTC my 5th baby…i firmly believe if you take good care of your body, your body will do what is it naturally meant to do, however i also know genetics plays a factor. I have never heard of this label “ geriatric” but my Dr. has always let me know scientific statistics on pregnancy at a later age, nonetheless she as always been so encouraging with me wanting as many babies as I can have! I love this video…another great encouragement! Good luck to all of you! Xoxo

  • I am 40 yrs old and have 5 children from a previous marriage. Their ages are 16-25. But I have since recently remarried. We want a baby together. Do you have any tips or suggestions for us restarting a family planning?

  • Its an emotional rollercoaster TTC at/after 40. I keep asking myself am I crazy? We tried for 1 year naturally. We are now in our first cycle of IVF TTW. Next Saturday we're looking for that BFP. #prayerfullyandpatientlywaiting

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