Wicca sacrifices dead fetuses?! – BatShitCrazy Zone!

Wicca sacrifices dead fetuses?! – BatShitCrazy Zone!

let’s let’s talk about the bloody truth about abortion in Wicca witchcraft let’s let’s talk about how that relates
to this subject doctor Scott Jack Paola traveling through much dimensional not
only paranoia and delusions he is a journey in 2001 just landed his
bounds that surely should your next the batch degrees are you okay if there is no relationship between
abortion and witchcraft we can has nothing to do with abortion
abortion is a pre choice available to all women then why is there such a
disproportionate network abortion providers Associated with the week in religion because many women are Linkin who stand up portal women’s
right to choose why is there week meaning white which
got it’s that good witchcraft wicked does not mean white witchcraft the terms a black and White Witch crap
are moving how to buy real Cagliari as they are
archaic terms our actions have consequences use these terms is an oversimplification up right and wrong actions and really is just up bad descriptive term as it
still uses holler to distinguish right from Ron you
got the Wicked Witch of the West in the Good Witch of wherever are you talking about the wizard up
irons Warwick you know what it’s all witchcraft its
all evil it’ll all taking in same Devils hell this is your opinion it does not take
you to hell K good there’s no such thing is good
which cracked all witchcraft is forbidden in the Bible
the Bible say in the Old Testament thou shall not
suffer a witch to live okay need good so it was a death sentence in the Bible
if you were caught so this is something God still takes
very very seriously arm witchcraft is an ancient religion
requiring child sacrifice at the higher levels and has resurfaced
in our day a revival Neil paganism has brought with it a revival of human
sacrifice in the form of abortion what what
definition are you use any a brief study of cities
were abortion on demand is prevalent reads like a metaphysical roadmap each
in Cory we did not have to dig for fax the
information on the relationship between witchcraft and the abortion industry was
offer with little resistance awkward with little resistance you mean
it was publicly available arm the lady named Patricia bear dwindle founder invulnerable where Women’s
Center for choice choice the slaughter in butcher your
baby says quote you practice your religion and let
me practice in mind my religion its wholly ritual child sacrifice end of quote these are two
separate quotes and they’re most likely misquote or made up was simply the two
individuals heard it wrong they said at least two Melbourne
pro-lifers overheard bear to Windows say at a
Christmas party quote you practice your religion and let
me practice mind end quote and a completely separate quote supposedly overheard by one at these two people Melbourne
beginning a quote second quote my religion is a holy
ritual sacrifice end up second quote so this is actually a third hand account and its to quotes and each quote has no contacts here’s abortion owner effect the good
doctor probably works for one of these when the park to get doctor probably participate in the ceremonies
potentially why wouldn’t put it past them yeah there’s one there just one quote
for you on August 4th 1992 to employees about where women
abortion clinic Victoria Jordan and Rebecca Morris
registered a nonprofit religious corporation at these are to win that work temperature should bear
dwindles up to where women abortion clinic okay I know when you really want to bring
religion into this freedom of choice issue but when it comes to our freedoms as americans it does not matter what religion you are we r all treated equally under the right to
freedom of choice the two women Bronica Jordan and Rebecca morse registered a
nonprofit corporation known as the wicked religious cooperative of Florida or the WRC est the corporation arm the stated purpose of WRC at is to
provide an umbrella organization for which cobain’s to out the state
Florida the incorporation papers list to
abortion clinic employees as directors over the weekend
organization the pact you accuse these women though
some help choosing pro-life because they are weak in the knees
unsubstantiated shortly after the week in religious cooperative in florida was
founded Carol evian another aware woman abortion
clinic employee ordered a book entitled the sacrament
abortion the book with offered by gannett Paris a
witch in France who present abortion as a
sacred act this book is written to help women deal with physical and emotional trauma
after an abortion to cope with feelings that may come up
with them Paris get pairs calls abortion quote a
sacrifice to Artemis who refuses to give a wife if dole if the gift is not pure just doing a little bit reading this
book and this particular line I get no sense that this is what the
author was sane at all you aren’t taking this out of context do
you realize what she’s trying to do here she’s trying to basically say everyone
who aborts their baby their babies were puree no so Artemis deems it that they must be
destroyed in the womb hi all stankin conveniently satanic Lee can being it that is it wasn’t meant to be Artemis says it wasn’t so or little
other or Morlock or Chi Marsh or whatever
devil deity you’re sacrificing your baby to you just
like they were doing in the Old Testament okay okay take your medicine relax take a cup would depress me and she didn’t right anything about Satan all lower a mole black mole were
whatever name you just said sacrificing their children to Moloch in
the fire literally they would put their baby in
the buyer see back then it was more on the open now they just do it in the
darkness of the womb it’s so much more palatable back then the day openly did it to
Moloch and she mention a lot of these abortion clinic employees are doing are are literally doing this do these deities they probably have
these witches pray in the rooms next year literally how he know this how much %uh this is your paranoid delusion in your
projection you know human baby sacrifice but today
it’s done more for the gotta convenience you have no idea what it is
like to go against once instincts and have a piece of your body
removed from you in the gotta find a way to the house
with the kid the goddess of Saturday s back then was a little more on the open
instead of condemning these women why do you not support them why don’t
you up with them your compassion as a human bean you will never ever in your entire life come close to any decision whether to create like 40 terminated court begins the January 1993 issue of
the week in open circle newsletter describe the founding of the week in
religious cooperative a Florida this umbrella group weekend has nothing
to do with abortion the only connection you are making is
the fact that members work for this abortion clinic through this same logic you could say
that we can to work in retail endorse capitalism quote a year ago that
dream up an umbrella group under which many Cogan’s would function and not committed to peace and harmony
it sure is that the peace and harmony poor little baby but hey wicket has no doctor in
supporting or not supporting a woman’s right to choose individual work however may have their
own opinions on this and they had every right to express it
your obvious bias Corzine this mismatch also quincy wicket
to abortion is ridiculous and built I’m such shoddy foundation that it will call rumble and the
slightest Windows scrutiny for the good of all except the slaughter
dunbar baby was just that a dream but now it is reality in Berrien
a very very big part of the lives of many people what wonderful which is they are this
issue open circle published at at the time the pro-life organization operation
rescue national held in bed in Melbourne Florida alerted
Startalk Florida area Wiccans and Pagans that
quote steps are being taken to protect not only the aware women mean the ones working at the wearer
abortion wary women’s abortion wary but a woman’s right to choose as well
right to choose death the region work is being done Monday
namely financially and magically to help get through the next few months
and beyond why because operation these terrible
born-again Christians operation rescue not national were coming against and they
were holding a National Bank a pro-life a bed it so
the witches in the war walks in all the evil Devils
that worked at the abortion clinics in all weekend in the state of Florida were coming against them both mundane
anybody actually in magically these women were being react you reach the coli prince who can be
violent and have bombed clinics in the past they had made death threats and even
murdered abortion clinic doctors in cold blood so
yes they have a right to protect themselves
however they see fit see this is a spiritual battle were in
and they take their religion typically a lot more serious than most
Christians take bears and I say that to my own shame as well
okay good cause I don’t think I do enough either you know I’m not sittin there supporting
the for your device owners say I’m such a great no I’m not I’m not so but this is day cake it very
seriously so they were using witchcraft in order
to counter act the good the pro-life operation rescue
was doing in order to save babies readers up the open circle were
encouraged to become clinic escorts and were told how they can help fund the
South Brevard national organization a woman’s program to help low-income women to have
abortions I told you there really didn’t want the
minority races star undesirable in their eyes that’s who they target how
in the world do you the quake helping people who may not
have the resources to help themselves as a negative there are many people who
simply cannot afford healthcare or the high cost of medical procedure her also women who come from families and or cultural backgrounds that do not
support were will shun women who either become
pregnant outside a marriage to rape or by accident Wickens were also
encouraged to work their magic on the area surrounding me aware women
abortion clinic I think that’s what’s important for Christians to go to these
places and literally pray ami catholics I mean
real born-again Christians because they are literally using
witchcraft in order to protect these a resort a blind women coming into
them in order to get more business in order to whatever and understand that their
sitter sacrificing babies inside their powers are grown stronger what in
the world are you saying I do not know how
this would particulars and barbaric concept came to
be that baby sacrifices apart would get it’s not this is one of the reasons I do these videos this video from this doctor Scott Jack is dated March 13 to 2015 not 1615 that 18 15 not nineteen 15 this is 220 first century you doctor Scott have access to so much information how you remain so blame Lee a new and I’ll simple backs with every
baby sacrifice actually get more power through human
sacrifice and the most highly desirable human
sacrifices are babys because they’re the most innocent so
they’re gaining power with each abortion not only to gain enough blood money but
they’re gaining power it’s such a win-win for devil which owns
what are these places you know I me great is our God help me
to hell they’re gonna just Bay on spiegel price but in this life they feel like Wildcats more like a rose
I can I could falter babies and do it legally hit and say that I’m I’m such so
compassion because I’m providing reproductive services to
low-income women when an abomination the right to choose
busy basic human right what we do with our
bodies is our right the religion the public has napping and isn’t newt on this specific
issue individual cases demand individual choices this preacher his take you into what
wicca is and is using his own barbera concept what he believes that his God dictates for all humanity I do not know how this man became the spokesperson
group some celestial sky daddy but he is sadly mistaken thank you and blessed be

29 thoughts on “Wicca sacrifices dead fetuses?! – BatShitCrazy Zone!

  • This man's ignorance is so out of control. It's so sad. Hopefully with all the info available to us now people will research for themselves and draw their own conclusions based in fact vs listening to this deluded man. I did find the part where he advised the Christians to pray but not the Catholics funny. I found most of what he said humorous though. Great video thank you 😺

  • It's incredibly disheartening to realize that the only people in our society that actually believe in our magickal abilities are…people like this. sigh

  • I'm soooo sick of hearing the quote from the OT about not suffering a witch to live. Ignorant fucks… Why do they cherry-pick things from the OT? If they want to observe 1 shalt not from the OT, then they should observe ALL of the "thou shalt not"s from the OT ~ but, that wouldn't be convenient would it. The proud display of ignorance is astounding… smh

  • there are ancient forms of heathenism that use children sacrifices.
    But no wiccan magic that is no common that uses children sacrifices.
    Satanist magics sometime uses children sacrifices.

  • A calm, informed, lucid voice speaking truth to the…. the…. the batshit crazy?  Damn shame Dr. (cough) Scott will never see this!

  • I'm waiting for these religious fanatics to gather the nation's crazies into a giant amorphous mob and storm the federal government's facilities and there goes our country and our freedom. Gods help us.

  • Ok so this is what im getting from this video.

    You MUST do EVERYTHING the bible says to do or else you will be executed or banished to an eternity of brutal torture.

    Sounds like this 'god' of yours is the evil one here.

  • I love the truth in this video but what is the comment about the catholics..they profess life regardless of the reason of pregnancy. please explain they the ones that believe in there true fait stand firm to death for the unborn

  • Sacrifice kids and babies? I did not know we are to do that… LOL Lords help me. I love the fact that he thinks EVERY witch is the same. And I have seen the book and your right. It is to help others. And OMGS this man is off his rocker. And I see more killing in the 'good book' Then I do in pagan past. His god sounds like the bad one. Didn't his god ask someone to kill his ONLY SON to show his love? Note: I love how he ADDED words.

  • As for woman from low income bit, the majority of woman who have abortions are disproportionately black and poor. In fact I have heard that there are more babies aborted from low income black woman than any other ethnic group.

  • Loved the narrator (Does anyone have his name?) – This is the funniest drama I have ever seen, seriously, I have to give credit where credit is due to this idiots rant – but they were patently false. Completely false.

    Having said that, the rebuttals were well crafted and well;l researched! A deep bow to the narrator who refuted each point (?)

    Paganism does NOT believe in the devil, Satan, or hell. They also have NOTHING to do with "choice" for or against abortion. They ARE tolerant of ALL religions – Thanks goodness the voice who challenged the raving maniac who is bent on destroying Paganism and women rights to choice.

    My only complaint was who ever was doing the visuals for the deaf or folks who need a rolling ticker of the conversation – needed to watch what was typed… Often wrong, misspelled and confusing… but again, thanks for trying so hard. We are NOT going to retreat again!

    PS – The real human "sacrifice" of babies is on the battlefields of endless wars we endure, and parents who kill their children and fathers who rape their children and on and on… PS for this bible banger – sacrificing your own child to curry favor or glorify the Christian God was apparently common in the old testament. I love selective memory and facts.

    Blessed Be and AWEN!

  • Ummmm….OK!?!? If abortion is witchcraft sacrifice, then why do I have 4 healthy kids??? And 4 pregnancies….

  • I get so pissed off listening to these bible thumping ass hats, spewing their crap about abortion. I do not support it because I value all life, BUT I do support a woman's right to choose. I would much rather an unwanted baby not be brought into this world, just to be abused, neglected, starved and in the worst of circumstances….murdered.

  • A phrase I used; and anyone here can use it:"You, sir/lady, are either choosing to ignorant, or you are clinically retarded. Which is it?"

  • Why is it always a guy screaming about abortion ? The day a man can give birth is the day men have a right to speak out against abortion!!!!!

  • Let's test this theory:

    IF we as pagan traditions worship the creation rather than the creator
    IF children are all a creation of a creator
    WHY would we be on a mass campaign to abort them?

    I'm sure that makes sense to some people, but not to me.

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