What Giving Birth Feels Like

What Giving Birth Feels Like

The umbilical cord is wrapped around her
neck we’re gonna have to get her out now you’re gonna have to push and push as
hard as you can. A wave of fear took over me, the room was the most intense it had been in 34 hours. My husband was by my side with tears running down his face. He squeezed my hand looked deep into my eyes and assured: Honey you can do this, I
love you, she’s almost here. My body was shaking I was terrified, but
I pulled myself together, I took a deep breath and I told myself: Okay my baby needs me right now I’m going to have to push as hard as I can. I can do this, I will do this for her. It all started about 35 hours before when I was lying wide awake in the middle of the night. I was 39 weeks pregnant and almost every
night was extremely uncomfortable For six months I slept only on my left side
completely surrounded by pillows, separating me farther and farther from
my husband. Then I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked at the clock and it was only 3:00 a.m. so I wondered: Why does my stomach hurt right now? it
normally never hurts. Oh my god am I having a contraction??!! So I turned and gently nudged my husband who immediately bolted out of bed screaming: We have to go to the hospital we have to call the doula. our baby will be here in the morning! I’m so so excited! Yeah. it’s been a long wait and we were both concerned because we would have had to start considering a cesarean if she wouldn’t
come out by the end of the week. But, I calmed him down and instead I started timing my contractions and writing them in my notebook: Between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. the pain is coming only every 30 minutes. It didn’t seem so bad but it
was still too painful to try to sleep. To be honest at that point I still wasn’t sure if it was really it, because I had no idea what contractions were supposed to feel like. but then I had diarrhoea. Some friends told me that that’s the
body’s way of flushing itself to prepare for birth. I thought to myself wow this
is really happening. I’m kind of mean my daughter really soon. The doctor told me that I should call my doula when my contractions were coming
closer together and my doula will call the doctor when I’m ready. A doula is a birthing coach that is like a highly experienced friend who gives the kind of emotional support that only someone who has gone through it herself can do. So at 7:00 a.m. I said my doula a message with everything that had been happening: hi my contractions are coming around every 30 minutes and would lasts about 40 seconds But her reply gave me the first shock of the day. She told me that giving birth for the first time always takes longer and I was probably not going into labor yet. Then she said that I could still be days away and that I should try to relax and get as much sleep as I could. How can anyone sleep with this much pain. I was planning for an all-natural birth in water so I trusted her and I did my best to calm myself down and to try to relax. But relaxing was proving to be much more difficult than I had thought and it was already 12 hours. My stomach was hurting so much it’s so
hard to describe. Some people say it’s kind of like menstrual cramps, but for me I can’t say I’ve ever felt any kind of pain like this when I had my period. Around 5:00 p.m. the contractions started to hurt even more and we’re moving closer together 15 to 20 minutes apart. So I texted my doula and I asked her: maybe now I should go to the hospital? But she said it’s not time yet and it’s better for me to stay home for as long as possible, because I would be more relaxed at home than I would be in the hospital. Right. Relax.. I really tried to bear with the pain for
as long as I could, but around 8 p.m. I was in so much pain I could barely move. My husband and I stood facing each other holding hands and taking deep breaths together to try to manage the pain in any way that we could. Around 10:00 p.m. each contraction lasted about 40 seconds to a minute. At that point I really felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. So I asked my husband to call the doula and ask her to please come over. When she arrived she tried to comfort me but really nothing was helping. The pain kept increasing and increasing until around 1:00 a.m. when I just felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. So I told them please we have to go to the hospital thank God it was only five minutes away. When we arrived the nurse brought me
straight to the delivery room And she asked me to change my clothes and wait in bed Then she strapped some belts
around me that evaluates the baby’s health That’s called a non-stress test Our doctor arrived around 2 a.m. and gave me
the second shock of the day Women usually give birth once the cervix is
opened up to 10 centimeters While she said my cervix was only dilated
2 centimeters Then she also said it was gonna take at least another 12 hours maybe even another day I was speechless. How could this even be possible? At that point everything started to feel like a blur The idea of giving birth naturally in water with no pain medication was moving farther and farther away All I wanted was just to tell the doctor please give me anything to make this pain go away But my husband knew how much I wanted to give birth without medication So he asked me just to hold on a little while longer I said, “Okay I will keep trying” So the nurse went to prepare the tub
for water births in the room next door The delivery room for women who want to
give birth naturally was so beautifully decorated But in that moment I was just in so much pain
that I couldn’t see anything anymore All I could think about was how much longer this was gonna take I felt like I had no energy left I wasn’t even in there for more than 15 minutes before
the doctor came in to ask if I wanted an epidural An epidural is a powerful pain
medication that’s injected directly into the spine I answered without even thinking “Yes, please I can’t take it anymore” So they took me to another room where I had
to expose my back for the injection They told me I had to lay as still as possible It was excruciating. And once the epidural was in, I still had to wait 15 to 30 minutes before the pain would start to go away It was a huge relief, but it was also really scary because from the waist down I couldn’t feel anything anymore At around 3:00am, the doctor said to me, “You’re gonna have to try to get some rest because no one knows when you’re gonna be ready to give birth” I tried to sleep but with the mixture of the weird numb pressure around my belly, the excitement of giving birth and the fear that everything could go wrong Well I was wide awake The doctor came to check in on me again at
8:00 and 11:00 a.m., but I still wasn’t ready They had to keep administering more and more drugs When the drugs would wear off I would feel a pain in my lower belly, but I really couldn’t tell where exactly I was just utterly worn out I remember laying there and thinking to myself,
“This is so difficult I just want to meet my baby when will you come out to meet us?” Around 1:00 p.m., the doctor came back again.
And then things suddenly started to happen She was excited and asked me,
“Do you want to try pushing? I think you might be ready!” I hadn’t slept in over 30 hours! Exhausted was an understatement but in that moment I had never felt so ready and so excited I answered without even a moment of hesitation
“Yes, yes I’m ready!” Like I mentioned before, everything from
the waist down was completely numb But the doctor said that I should just think of pushing and my body would do the rest So I gave it a try and then everything changed The doctor jumped up and shouted,
“You’re ready, you’re ready you’re pushing great
now let’s do this right now!” The nurses were scrambling to transform my bed into a delivery chair. There were hooks to lift and spread my legs and handles for me to grab on on both sides I was so excited it was finally happening.
From the very first moment that my stomach started hurting until now it was 34 hours There are no words to describe how I felt in that moment It was like a combination of exhaustion and excitement and what felt like a veil of magic had descended upon us My husband held my hand on my
right and a nurse held my hand on my left There were another two
supporting the doctor on each side It was finally happening The doctor told me that I had to wait for a contraction to push And then push three times for as
long and as hard as I could So I looked at the clock in front of me and I said to myself, “Okay I’m going to push for 15 seconds each time” Because of the epidural I couldn’t feel the contractions anymore so a nurse had to use a cardio tocography to measure them and announce when I’d be ready for the
next set My focus was only on the clock and on pushing those are the only two things in my mind: clock and push I could hear my husband and the nurses cheering me on and I turned to them occasionally But my focus always went back to the
clock. The entire room felt like it was in a trance Delivery is the final stage of giving birth and it usually takes around 5 – 30min But as with everything that day I took longer I was one and a half hours into pushing
and my body was getting weaker and weaker But my baby girl showed no intentions of coming out At 2 p.m. the doctor asked if she
could cut me a little downstairs She was convinced that the baby
would be out in minutes “Yes of course”, I said All I wanted was for her to come out and even if I would tear more I, I really just didn’t care anymore I would have done anything for her to come out After I tried and tried to push with all of my energy the doctor said she started to see the head “You’re going to have to push harder she’s so close”,
she said I took a deep deep breath and I told
myself, “Okay big pushes I can do this Then I pushed as hard as I could and then it happened The doctor burst out in happiness and
shouted, “She’s out the head is out!” But then, panic struck. “The umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck there’s no more time! You’re going to have to push harder push with everything you got or else she could suffocate!” It felt like time stood still. I looked at my husband
and we locked eyes in determination They grabbed all of my limbs and with one massive final push, the entire room stood still in silence. Our little baby Rey rose from our doctors arms and the entire room erupted into a celebration The doctor untangled the cord, my husband cut it into two and the nurses wrapped her in a cloth and handed her to us I just couldn’t stop looking at her. I couldn’t believe this was the baby I had been carrying for 9 months She was just so beautiful.
It was love at first sight. It was the happiest day of my life. Of course this all is just my experience Some of my friends gave birth and only a few hours
and other mothers took even longer So, if there are other mothers watching this
video, we’d love to hear your story of giving birth in the comments below And if you want to see more videos like this
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  • My birth says, how lazy I am. I was supposed to arrive on Earth at, I dunno, 24.07 and sat inside my mother for a week more.. And my b'day are the middle of summer.. 🙁

  • I give birth 2007, 2010, 2013, 2018…natural. The most intense pain i ever feel. Woman is made for birth dont be sceard, be brave.
    Sorry for terible english…

  • I have given birth twice. While I love thinking of the first time, the second time was a little more interesting. I had woken up at 2am needing to pee, and when I sat up I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, so I just sat there waiting for it to end. When it did, I stood up, and that's when my water broke. At first I thought I peed myself by accident though, until I noticed that I still needed to go lol. Woke my husband up after I went, tried to clean myself up but apparently after your water breaks, there is no cleaning yourself up lol. We too our toddler over to a friend's house, I called my parents and my best friend, and we went straight to the hospital. For both deliveries, it only took about 7 hours, both times I asked for an epidural. The first time I gave birth, I had no idea how to push even though they were telling me how to, and my husband didn't get to be in the room, (huge mess of events). But the second time, despite having the epidural, I eventually could feel my body automatically pushing. I kept begging for the doctors or nurses to check me again, and they took their sweet time doing so, and when someone did I was 9 1/2 cm. Good enough for me, but then they took forever to come in for delivery lol.

    They finally came in, a lady started telling me to push, husband was right by my side and I heard him say, "oh cool!". Then the lady said, "okay don't push anymore, I need to get my gown on". That was irritating, I could feel the baby's head just sitting right there at the opening, and this lady was worried about her damn clothes which she should have thought about before getting me to push. But finally she got it on and then had me push some more, which the baby just plopped right out after her head came out. I felt every bit of that lol. It's amazing though, especially how fast the pain goes away afterwards too, then you're just listening to the first cries.

    I'm pregnant with our 3rd now. Not looking forward to labor again but I'll be happy to see the baby.

  • I don’t have a story of birth yet but I will soon because my water broke which means the little monster is coming out my pussy and it’s very scary but I’ll post my birth story when she comes out ps. Cool video on birth loved the drawings… ❤️❤️❤️

  • I have read some of these coments but I saw none of when their parents did surgery my mom didn't experience the pain because ahe had a scheduled appointment of my birth so I don't know how much I took, same story with my older sister.

  • Does carrying a baby in your stomach and giving birth and the contractions hurt really bad? Because I’m not so sure if I’d like to conceive a child or adopt when I can 🙁

  • With my daughter my water didnt fully break and was leaking for a week. She was born 6 weeks early. If my water had broken fully she would have been 7 weeks early. I had heard my sister give birth so I got the epidural, my contractions werent bad beforehand I only really felt one. From 8am till 10:44pm I was in labor. I'm glad i opted for the epidural because she got stuck on an angle and they had to use forceps. I had the epidural that has a button but I pressed it so much my mom took it away lol. When it was time for the placenta to come out it broke off the umbilical cord because it dried up from my water not touching it for so long so the doctor had to go in and take pieces of it out till he got it all. I was 15 at the time so It was scary but all that helped a bit with my anxiety lol. She was 4lbs 15oz

  • With my son my midwife checked my cervix at 4pm and I was 3cm, when she left I noticed I was bleeding but that was normal I had been bleeding on and off with him the past few months. But it was heavier than normal and I had pains in my stomach. They were irregular so I assumed they were Braxton hicks contractions (practice contractions) that went on till 11 pm during that time I had put my 2 year old to bed, put up her baby gate, and put a show on for her. I also had a bath all while having contractions. At around 11 I told my mom about the bleeding and pain and she told me to contact my midwife so I did and we met with her at her office. I had trouble getting in the vehicle though because the pain stopped me. On the way there we had to take a detour because there was a car crash. When we got there She checked my cervix again that day and I was 5-6 centimeters, so on to the hospital we went. When I was 8cm at the hospital my water still hadnt broke. My midwife said the crash delayed everything so i couldn't get an epidural due to the people who did that being occupied with the crash or itd take them awhile to get to the hospital. She asked if we could break my water so I said I had to pee first. My water broke while I was on the toilet, you could hear it pop the water even went onto the floor lol. I went back to the bed and he was born 11 mins later at 2:11am I only had laughing gas for pain he was 8lbs 5.4oz

  • The pain every mother feels to make us alive is what we boys can never feel but we should always think before disrespecting a girl no matter who she is!!!!!

  • So my mom told me the story on how i was born. At 2 am in the morning she woke up with a big contraction she woked up my dad and then they went to the hospital and my mom needed c section but she tried to push me out without c section the doctors said that i can be born trough her **** and my mom had super super big contractions my mom pushed very very hard and the doctors needed to do the c section right away my mom was in c section and they made a cut and the doctors seen me and they said my mom needs to calm down beacuse they see me in a good condition and when i was born my mom cried so much and my dad cried too then my brother seen me he said i was a miracle and he was a teenager at the time

  • I gave birth 20months ago, and I just remember the pain just like "its so much pain and I forgot how to breath". And now, I don't remember it again. And I'm in labor just for 7hours, and 15mins to delivery

  • the day before I give birth I only open 4cm,the day I was giving birth also same 4cm I was in pain It Feels like Someone is stamped me with a knife,After my pain got worst I ask the doctor to check they said its still 4cm u need to wait for more 2hour,i lay there in silence in my self I just want him to come out and I just want this pain to go,so I force myself n push even the nurses said I must take rest I avoid them I keep on pushing, then a doctor came in she said its now 6cm she is ready call all of the nurse and doctor,they ask me to push harder and they even asked me that do I want my mother with me I said yes yes.. I needed her now, I was in a pain when the doctor said they can see his head I was happy and push harder when they cut down there it feld more ain't,i avoided the pain and keep on pushing I can see my mom with tears and worried after a few times of pushes he came out I was relive that he was saved and the pain stop after a minute a nurse carry my son with her,the second I saw his face my tears and pain flight away now my son is 3month and I'm happy and thankful because he came out without any problems… This is my story

  • I had my son on 8/8/19 I was in labor for almost 20 hours and since I was induced because of they wanted him out urgently, it was an emergency but they only wanted to do a c-section if it was the last resort and my baby was in immediate danger. But like I was saying since I was induced my contractions were right after each other meaning there was no break in between them. I got an epidural, but before I had to push they stopped my epidural, waiting for it to wear off a bit then had me start pushing so I felt the worst part of labor and I pushed for three hours. But now that my baby boy is here I know I'd do it again.

  • I was born early i was born on September 16 but i was supposed to be born in October. She told me that it took HOURS to get me out. I respect mothers going threw pregnancy

  • My mom said she went to the hospital at 5am and gave birth to me at 8.23am. She said it's not hard and painful at all and I am her first. She even said in a scale of 1-10 she would say 3 or 4 only. I wish I will give birth as easy as her. Btw, she the type that doesn't tolerate pain well but she said giving birth is not as painful as she thought.

  • I had the cord wrapped around my neck too only bcs when I was coming out the doctor wasn't in the room yet and the nurse was pushing me back into my mother

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