We Answer Questions About Periods

We Answer Questions About Periods

please go to the store and get me some tampons some tampons and some Hershey’s cookies and cream par today we’re gonna answer questions about periods from people who don’t have periods we asked a bunch of people in our office to submit questions and now we’re gonna answer them we are not medical experts serious my mom she’s under so she I have had a period for 17 years I am very honored that my period is pretty much freak going I actually don’t have a period right now because I have an IUD I get like a little bit some pieces here in that other than my deep hatred for them I know sometimes I’m on the pill and I have my period currently some months I don’t have it oh and those are nice months yeah I went on birth control pretty early because my cramps are so bad it hasn’t been bad in my adult life really all I praise are different and react differently to our bodies so part of being a person with the uterus what does a tampon slash pad feel like well they feel very different a tampon if something you insert into yourself when I’m not on my period it feels like a dry finger up my kid but when I am on my period I’m fully lubricated there’s a lot more freeing I hate pads I use pads exclusively for probably the first couple years I think I do is usually tampons have an applicator either plastic or cardboard if you’re lucky and the plastic ones I think are very nice to insert a pad for the paper you feel all day I haven’t used the patent really long time it’s loaded up with a period yeah you feel it a wet pad yeah and that squirts like he’s not squirrel she is like when you won’t hate it so much they don’t feel good and it’s like a like dog it’s sitting in there between your warm legs why do some people with periods have pain and others don’t so in my family we actually have our periods later on in life around the ages of 14 and 15 we don’t have cramp symptoms but on my cousin’s family they get their periods at 11 and they have cramp system from 11:00 on so just like genetics most people have cramps I’d say I haven’t really met anyone that doesn’t get them to some degree but definitely there are people to get them worse the whole moon thing happens for my whole family and the pain that comes with it both of my sisters is pretty similar also there are other things that come along with having a period like thrown up because of my period before or you can have like really bad back cramps or you can feel really unwell and just want to have no energy so it’s just a pain bloating unloved bloating just great I can’t really tell you why I think that’s a question for the maker of the universe yeah do you want to have sex on your parents I don’t like the idea of you know what no I don’t like the mess of it but I do think that and sometimes more horny over here yes it’s really frustrating because you’re just like really up for it I feel like period sex is for committed relationships you have to be at a certain comfort level with someone before that happens some people are fine with it but I’m more alike don’t want to make a mess I often have sex at the beginning of my period because I feel like that’s when I’m at P corniness the mess at that point it’s not real bad you know the lubrication probably sensational Wow but when I’m like in the thick of it and then I’m usually not that into doing it also just because of the mess not that I wouldn’t if like a moment overtook me the day I have period sex like understand I put a ring on it you got it 401k together you know what I’m showing in town yeah like through thick and thin periods is it actually as bloody as people make it seem yes I mean it can be definitely in the middle of it it depends on your flow some months it’s basically nothing which can be a little concerning yeah that’s good scared but other months Rick when I was a team they were such bloody mess as I ruined so much underwear I definitely bled through clothes now that I’m on birth control the house yeah mine are way lighter worse is when you’re sitting down and you get up and you feel like Oh feel this moment that’s feeling they were the bloody mess that you envisioned like The Shining haha Oh God like did I wear my black jeans Oh God every time I move if I laugh too hard I sneeze once don’t in high school right through the pants what makes me feel better when I’m off my period my at all I can’t take my dog but Tylenol not for the crib so I’m very angry my side effects is anger the thought that it’ll be over lying down and going to sleep some people it’s a heating pad some people hydrating some people it’s for ibuprofen I don’t suggest that I really give myself a break when I’m on my period my body is real busy expelling some uterine lining and it’s not up for it today and that’s okay can you hold your period in no that’s amazing I love this question can you hold your period in some people must think that period is the same as like pee which it’s not also you can only hold your pain for so long eventually I come out and I just like bloop it twice a day that’s a dream bloop periods and urine come out of different holes things are falling out of you without your control if you cut yourself on your arm can you hold the blood in no that’s it does the egg leave the uterus during ovulation basically meaning that it’s impossible to get pregnant until the next time the egg is released I never want to say it’s impossible to get pregnant some way because I feel like somebody will find a way oh yeah the answer is pregnant I’m replicated it’s less likely after ovulation you are only supposed to be able to get pregnant while you are late so I would say if you’re gonna have sexual relations during that period without a condom it still abides away from it and apps help like us keep track of it very well but the accuracy is still not a hundred percent so I would say if you’re trying to have sex without a condom please just do it anyway I know it’s not for everyone but you are less likely to get pregnant but the smartest thing to do is always ease protection Wow momma Joyce does it feel like you’re sitting in a puddle sometimes if I wasn’t wearing any kind of like period stuff then maybe maybe it’s literally seeping into everything below your area every period product is designed to absorb in some way or collect I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I was sitting in a puddle sometimes I felt like I’m sitting in some mess yeah so she pads I’m a tampon girl so no it doesn’t feel like I’m sitting in a puddle it’s just all games the leakage is the most liquidy feeling yeah I would say cuz not like like tripping not when the blood is actually in there usually what signs should we be paying attention to before your period so we can be more helpful no everyone PMS is in the same way so like they’re the symptoms you would get before your period but like it’s different with everyone that sounds like how do we know if you’re PMSing don’t blame my emotions on the blood that’s coming on my coop you treat me good all the time so that you don’t have to die it’s rare that I need somebody to do something for me but some people do need that if I want cuddles and you know what sometimes we do get bad PMS and sometimes we are monsters but we’ll probably apologize yeah once that flow starts and you know that’s pretty much the Karma for PMS it is we’re gonna say you know what I’m sorry yeah what can we do to help out with cramps that’s very sweet question I find the understanding I scream whatever I’m craving in the moment typically cheez-its or something salty give a hot-water bottle do you have them in this country yes okay good be supportive but if we’re seeming a little agitated break so many questions and you never want to come off as being a person who’s like I know what’s good for you okay here’s this thing yeah yeah just want to be kind to the person and listen to their names I think if you cannot get a period product for your significant other you’re dead to me the questions range from curious to how can I help that’s sweet actually you’re not people that want to help us yeah I like that I think the question I guess you know can’t relate the funniest one was can you hold it in it’s interesting to think that like there are people out there that don’t understand periods because like we’re so used to them I think it’s just us opening communications about something that is natural and a part of nature but just as a reminder we are not medical experts and I think if you have some real serious question of course your research ask some friends but ultimately ask your health care providers because they will have probably the best and most up-to-date information educate yourself know your body know you float and always look at the co everyone sees and it’s your way everybody telling you about your sexual organ elf that is fascinating [Music]

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  • “If you don’t get a period product for your significant other you’re dead to me”
    She said what had to be said 😔👌🏼

  • I'm very grateful that I have a regular period ♥️ I used to absolutely hate them just like the majority of people in the comments but since I've discovered the TTC (trying to convince) community on YT, my perspective have completely changed. It's very eye-opening to see the number of fertility treatments these women often go through so that they can get a regular period and eventually have a child. (I know that a person with a regular period can have fertility problems also but this isn't the case the majority of the time)
    Don't get me wrong it's painful but I find ways to manage it instead of complaining and trying to wish it away. It's like a necessary sacrifice to me.

  • I've done searches for subliminals to be able to control my cycles after a horomone imbalance messed the whole thing up and have one to use to stop,start skip or block it and it can also delay it for a vacation.I've used it to put that whole cycle thing on hold for at least a year and will program a new schedule and my new normal cycles when my hormones are corrected.I'll have them be very light and only two days with them coming every two monthes.

  • Everytime before I would get my period I eat way more than usual idk why lol but now I don’t get a period cause I have an arm implant and I don’t eat like that either I do get cramps at random times tho

  • I can't hold my period in but it doesn't come out if i'm laying down. Usually people wake up to a stained bed. I just wake up stand up and that's when the blood comes out. Isn't it weird

  • So I'm 20, had a period since 14. To this day I still use pads… I use tampons during the day and pads at night. I have a fear of leaking on my bedsheets so…

  • today was my first day of school and my last class is gym, i got home, flopped onto my bed, and passed out until 9 pm. i woke up and got really mad over spilled over pencils and cried over it. i then began to rummage through my kitchen for snacks and then got cramps which are really horrible for my mom and i. then i found in the bathroom i was on my period. first day of school.


  • Just recently I was having a conversation with my friends about periods and we were talking about how long our periods are. And I was kinda complaining because I had the longest (like a week), and my guy friend who understands absolutely nothing about periods just cut in and said "can't you just push it all out at once?" 🤣
    We just stood there staring at him and then laugh out loud screeching "what do you think it is? Push it out!"
    It's been a couple of weeks and we haven't let it go.
    It was hilarious 😂🤣

  • I sleep with two pads and it still stains sometimes and I get really bad cramps for the first 4 days of my period my period is sometimes more than a week I’m only 13 just felt like saying that

  • Im so glad im pregnant rn until she decides to come out that will be a little messy and painful but ive dont this before so i should be fine 😂😂😂😂

  • Ugh. I hate my period, I'm in the percentage that vomits and gets bad cramps and mood swings but i've found that exercise and a good diet helps a lot with the symptoms

    **EDIT: Wine and sativa hybrid weed also help a lot

  • The worst is when you sit on the toilet and you're done peeing and you just want to get out of the bathroom but instead you just sit there and watch the blood flow out… for basically forever. I once sat on the toilet for 20 minutes bc the damn blood didn't stop! Everything looks always like I stabbed myself! Also I need incredibly much toilet paper…

  • How can women run around with only a tampon? Don't you worry about leakage especially on like the second day. I would have to run to toilet every 30 min just to make sure and change it just in case

  • I used to always wear my black jeans on my period, but they have a hole in them now so i can't, and i constantly worry about having leaked through my pants while everyone could see it, but luckely enough that hasn't happened yet 😀

  • I hate when men post pics that they made some kind of special period kit stocked with tampons, tissues, chocolate, and ice cream and brag about what a good man they are. We don't need you to make our periods an event. Millions of women everyday just discreetly go to the bathroom insert/put on whatever hygiene product of their choosing and pop a couple advil and go back to business. We don't make a spectacle about our periods.We internalize our pain. Most men can't even accurately guess if we are on our period. I've never had a guy say "what are you on your period or something" and be RIGHT.

  • For me I get super super bad cramps. Like its BAD. And like I get a lot of blood. So i mainly just sleep and I have it for like a week or more and yeaa heating pads are nice or just getting a blanket or your hand to your stomach but lower will help and sleeping

  • It's so weird to me that some people see pads as gross.
    I personally like knowing that I don't have to worry about a tampon leaking or staying in to long.

  • what kind of pads are these people using that they always feel it. i use always infinity and make sure to get the one geared to my flow and i never feel it. if you think your pad is squelching, you’re either wearing it too long or not wearing the one that’s right for your flow. let’s stop shaming women for choosing to use pads over tampons/cups. every video buzz feed does that mentions pads, they all act like pads are the most disgusting thing ever.

  • Haha I love that people always make Niagara Falls jokes about periods when I actually got my first period on a class trip to Niagara Falls 😂

  • My mood swings are the most severe I feel really depressed before my period and then weirdly calm on it and angry sometimes lmao but mostly a lot of emotions 1 minute this other thid

  • When I'm on my period I cave raw meatballs……I don't like meatballs even cooked……so that's the worst so I just have a burger😊

  • if anyone sees this, i have a question! i take birth control constantly. i never have a break. i have been having sharp pains near where my ovaries would be and i don’t know if i should be taking breaks or not. i have been hospitalized three times because of how pmdd affects my mental health so my psychiatrist told me to take it all the time so that i don’t get the emotions and all that but now i’m worried that it’s causing problems? also, after a couple months on the pill i got my period and it lasted 23 days. idk has anyone experienced anything like this? i’m worried i have ovarian cysts and i’m only 14 so that’s concerning..

  • How can you help?
    Kindly oblige requests for a low back massage. 😉😁🥰

    Extra Secret Tip: think positive, healing, loving thoughts towards her while you massage— very important! With pms, comes a heightening to our 6th sense. This means she will sense and feel your vibes as you place your hands on her— whether your in a positive or negative mind space — she’ll sense it. Your loving, genuine approach will be sensed 10x stronger during this time of the month. But, beware, she will also pick up on any negativity, boredom, indifference, etc. Please, never begrudgingly agree to such acts; remember to goal is to soothe her pain not add to it. Be mindful and in control of your motivations and intentions during those magical 5-7 days each month. Knowing her love language and being prepared to give of yourself purely during this time will even give the majority of relationships out there such a boost to their joint Emotion Bank Acct Balance that, the rest of the month is a trusted, calm, enjoyable breeze ahead as you will reap what you’ve sown!

    Despite the lengthiness, I’m Hope it acts as a new perspective to ponder for those who read it or at least a friendly reminder of what is already known but could use a little re-triggering.

    Best wishes to all the deeply kind, considerate, humble, unconditional lovers out there! Your empathic loving heart is a gift to be treasured. To those deserving, give freely. Love yourself just as much as you give for we cannot power ourselves or “the collective” without that. ❤️❤️❤️ Love is love is love. Namaste🥰

  • Long!

    Okay so for the first few years of my period I would only use pads because I was scared of tampons, like most first blood people are. But my flow was extremely heavy, like to the point where I would bleed through jeans heavy. Bleed through super in an hour and a half. So I’m on the pill because of that. I don’t usually get cramps unless I talk about it, but the pill really helps too!

    I feel with flow and cramps it goes one way or the other :/

  • how come everytime I think about my period happening it happens? Its like I can sense it every month. Also I crave more sugar when I am on it

  • Ermmm… You actually CAN hold it in, with special training.
    I have a friend that had the worst periods and learnt in a special course how to control it so that she "bloops it" few times a day and go without any period products.
    But it took A LOT of work and trainings, and there probably are female-bodied ppl who won't be able to do it at all…

  • I’m on my period right now and i always say bye bye to my pajama pants every morning

    Lay out a towel on your bed because if you do leak the towel will soak it up
    Also try to stay away from white clothing

    Edit: I stay away from chocolate and caffeine sooo

  • some country like mine, we dont use tampon bcoz we dont want to 'disturb' our virginity, like u dont want to pop the cherry yet bfore u get married and do it with ur husband, so we simply use pads

  • Some people need to wear pads because they can’t use other products and I feel like we shouldn’t judge others for what products they decide to use

  • recently each of my periods have started to hurt so bad, like,you have no idea. the pain is so bad. i’ll be on the floor crying and rolling it’s so, so bad. i literally get nauseous. i’ve only had my period for a couple months, and it’s just so bad if i don’t take a pain pill. i’m 13 by the way. :/

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    We Answer Questions About Periods

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  • Sometimes I have periods where, I feel less hungry, the cramps are awful, bloated, easily angry. Then others where my boobs start to hurt two weeks before it comes, there's little to no pain , diarrhea. Period is a very strange thing, but hey at least you're not pregnant

  • It feels so good to have a shower after bathing in your own blood for like 8 hours or however long you sleep. For me I dont bleed at all when I'm showering. So I take showers EVERYDAY on my period

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