The Thorn Birds Scenes – 37. Dane’s Birth

The Thorn Birds Scenes – 37. Dane’s Birth

Will you tell Ralph? Father de Bricassart? I don’t know. What should I tell him? That he has a son. How could you? That’s insane. Don’t lie to me, Meggie. Not to me. I knew it the moment you came home.
That’s why you came home. You had what you wanted.
You didn’t need Luke anymore. No. I told you. Luke didn’t want me. I’ve been watching
you and Ralph de Bricassart for years. All he had to do was crook his little finger
and you went running. It was the same for him,
from the moment he laid eyes on you. Poor Ralph. When he came here last year
and found you married and gone… I knew that sooner or later
he would have to go to you. And he did, didn’t he? You’re very cruel, Mom. One might think that you of all people
would understand. Because of Frank. Well, well. You can give
as good as you get. How long have you known? Since I was a little girl. Since Frank went away. I was 16 when I met him. He was everything that Paddy wasn’t. Sophisticated, cultured, charming. I thought I couldn’t live without him. But he was an important man… a politician… and already married. He wasn’t about to
sacrifice all that for me. I was nothing to his noble ambition. Just as you’re nothing to Ralph’s. I know I can never have Ralph. But at least I’ve got part of him
the Church can never have. Yes. That’s what I thought. To take of him what I could. To have his child to love at least. But what have I got now? I lost Frank. I paid in the worst way a mother could. And you’re going to pay, too. Believe me, God will see to that. You think I haven’t paid already? What else have I ever done
but pay for the great sin… of loving Ralph de Bricassart? All my life I trod the straight
and narrow for fear of God Almighty.. and what did it get me but a broken heart? No, Mom, I’m not afraid of God anymore. And as for Ralph… he’ll never know Dane’s his… unless you tell him. And if you do, I warn you… I’ll be as merciful to you
as you have always been to me! Yes, you’ll beat God himself as I did. I have beaten God. Dane is mine, and nothing’s
gonna take him from me.

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  • Such mother,such daughter! Meggie actually repeated her mother's mistakes,the exactly same mistakes..Fiona suffered a lot during her youth and loved a Politician,a married man who gave her a baby,Frank but she never had him ,she stayed alone with baby Frank..Meggie loves Ralph and had a part of him,Dane but will she keep him? It's so sad! The lack of love and communication makes that things repeat from one generation to the other until the bond is broken. Morals : never keep a SECRET A FAMILY SECRET IS A POISON FOR the children .

  • I think that in a lot of ways Fiona's story is even more heartbreaking that Meggie's – she was the only daughter of a wealthy family, but after she had Frank her father hushed up the scandal by paying Paddy to marry her and take her far away.  Then she loses Frank when he is sentenced to life in jail for murder, and then Paddy dies just as she realises that she loves him after all.  She could have formed a friendship with her daughter Meggie but she ignores her instead, because she reminds her so much of herself.

  • Meggie: "I Told You, Luke Didn't Want Me!".  Hello, you married a Man that you didn't love you used him to get over a Priest you loved from the time you were a child, Meggie & Fee made the same mistake.  Loving a Man that wasn't "available"  One because he was Married the other being a Priest but they both paid in spades.

  • You know, Meggie reminds me of Tess of the D'Urbervilles. She's nature's child, unbound and free. She did the one thing that Fee didn't do and that was allow Ralph his freedom. Fee I think was jealous of Meggie for being able to be without Ralph. But my gosh that's a powerful scene with Rachel and Jean. Fee and Meggie always reminded me of my mother and I……

  • Fee should have said "God doesn't like ugly behavior". He sees, hears, and knows everything, you committed adultery with a Man of God, one of his servants, you lied on your wedding day, and yes you have this child, but God will one day make you face The Day Of Reckoning and you will face it like I did when I lost Paddy, Stuey & most of all Frank."

  • I'll say one thing. Jean Simmons was such an amazing Actress. First as The Long Suffering Fee in This Miniseries then as the Spoiled "Nasty" Estella in Great Expectations.

  • What is the point of all this pain and suffering that people endure in this story? Nothing but tragedy and hurt.

  • Mybe Luke could have loved you or not because he wanted money a greed but he knows Maggie loves Ralph more then anything oh poor father Ralph I here that so many time

  • What puzzles me is How big Jussie is in this scene. She was still a toddler when Meggie got back to Drogheda pregnant. 9 months later Jussie is that big? hmmm weird🤔

  • Tenho um filme com Jean Simons ainda bem novinha. Linda! O Egípcio. E agora a revejo neste clássico. É legal ter vários filmes com os mesmos atores. Faço coleção e sempre revejo.

  • Meggie should have told Father Ralph. He probably would have married her. But, then, that wrecks the whole story and the heartbreak of it all!!

  • 2:31 just a slight bridging of the gap between them as meggie tries to reach forward with a smile of sympathy to let fee know she understands what fee went through but in an instant it is gone as fee reverts back to her hard self, a opportunity lost for both women to understand each other, the bridge grows wider…….

  • Oh Megi Megi du bist So Hübsch wie ein Sonen Schein und so naif warst du auch noch. Due hast dich abgesagt fon dein Kind .Oh Megi Megi ich Libe den Filem So ser im Filem hast du Schwarze Hare . Aber in Buch bei Döner Fogel Schreiben Sie das due Rote hare hast .Oh Megi Megi Gudbei bis negstes Mal Alowju Sh .R .A. St

  • Gostaria que fosse pelo menos com legenda se for possível o primeiro capítulo em diante é linda nossa é tudo de bom gratidão!

  • I remember seeing this in the early 1980s. I truly was blown over by Jean Simmons. Fee was selfish as she only loved Frank and yet in this scene, she does earn her comeuppance. Fee was a shell of a woman whom Paddy knew she never really loved him. I remember near the end of the series where Fee had been told horrific news about Dane. The expression on Rachel Ward's face was unforgettable as she was shocked at Fee reaching out to hug her. The first time Fee showed any physical expression of sorrow toward what her daughter had lost.

  • I don't think Meggie beat God . Just be reminded that God knows what you're thinking He will take anything from you. All of us belong to him

  • Meggie, stop yelling! The whole damn house would know all about Dane the way she’s screaming. I know, I know, movies do that, but still!

  • Yikes. If this is not one of the cruelest scenes in history between two people, I don't know what is. But this also solidified a few other things with both of them. Neither of them are true blue heroes – they both had affairs with unavailable men and had children with them. But they had to steal something from both of them in order to have what they wanted from both of those men. It's self centered of both of them, both of them thought they were being slick that they would be happy from then on because they had that piece of them they could keep. But … No such luck.

  • Having recently watched the whole miniseries for the first time, I have to wonder if Dane somehow figured things out for himself, or was told by his grandmother. There were moments between him and Ralph where it seemed like he knew.

  • I feel bad for Justine . Meggie didnt have2 not love her and Only Dane. Yeah she did Copy her mothers mistakes!!! I do feel bad for meggie too but she had and made Choices Bad1s Sad😢 and father Ralph was a Selfish Hyprocrite Greedy Man. Smh and Fiona was so Cold&Distant.

  • This was heavy … Hard to watch now. You don't want to repeat the mistakes of your parents but you end up doing just that in so many cases. Both of them were very cruel to one another. But neither one of them were able to win out in the end (Fee lost Frank and Meggie would loose Dane).

  • In the 80s I didn't pick up on the child molestation undertones of Ralph's intense friendship with the 6 yr. old Meggie- it was there alright- but I didn't see it till I watched it recently. I heard the author hated the Catholic church you can really see it.

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