The Birth of Mansplaining (Cavemansplaining)

The Birth of Mansplaining (Cavemansplaining)

(upbeat percussion music) – Bunga make fire? – Yes, Bunga make fire. – Bunga should use spark rock to make sparks. – Bunga using spark rock. – To start fire, Bunga
should use fluff grass and tree skin. – Bunga has fluff grass and tree skin. – Bunga should not use itch leaves. – Bunga know how to make fire. – Itch leaves make itch. (wind blowing) Itch. Bad. Here, Ugg draw picture. Bunga understand. – Bunga know how to make fire. Stop man explaining. – Man explaining? What mean man explaining? – Man explaining when man explain to woman but talk down. – Ugg not talk down. Ugg talk forward. – Talk down in spirit. – Mouth not have spirit. – Oh, mouth have spirit! – So whenever man explaining
is always man explaining? – Bunga not say that. – Ugg try help. – Man always try help. – Ugg not all man. – Only two man. Ugg is all man. – What if man explain to man? Does that man explain or just man… explain? – Man not man explain to
man because man not think man need explain, because man not not man. – Man not not man? – Not woman. Ugg think Bunga not know how to make fire because Bunga woman. – Bunga not know that. – Why Ugg not explain fire to Thag? – Fire? – What if man explain
thing woman not know? Is that explaining man man explaining? – What thing? – Anything. Wheel. – Wheel? – Older day, Ugg explained how Bunga need kick wheel to know wheel good wheel. Bunga not know need kick wheel. Ugg explained. Was that man explain? – Yes. – Why? – Because Bunga invent wheel! Where Ugg think wheel come from? – Thag? (wind blowing) – [Thag] Oh, shit. (slow harmonica music) – Ava should use sharp rock. – Ava use sharp rock. – Sharp rock make spear sharp. – Hey! Stop man explaining. – Man explaining? What mean man explaining? – Man explaining when man explain but also talk down to– (spearing) (grunting) – See? Rock sharp! – Rock sharp. (upbeat percussion music) – What mean man explaining? – Man explaining (laughing). Man explaining when man. – [Director] Cut. – Action? – [Director] Action. – I scared everyone. Everyone went. – She’s a really wildcard.
– I’m so sorry. – There’s some real
cinema verite right here. – [Director] Okay, here we go. – I get. – Dinner. (growling)

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  • Directed, produced and written by men. Are we evolving? Looks like it! Congrats humankind, we're getting there, slowly but surely.

    I think the term is immediately offensive and trigger-worthy because it has man at the prefix which I'm sure was done on purpose to trigger an uncomfortable response. It was a term or moniker to elucidate a common scenario where someone assumes someone doesn't know what they are doing and decides to educate the other, which comes off as condescension.

    Are you being helpful or are you trying to demonstrate your usefulness to a potential mate? Maybe this is why it became mansplaining, before it became womansplaining? Something to think about.

  • I think there needs to be a distinction between just explaining something someone has no idea about then just down talking i personally just ask if your familiar with the concept or i just start explaining an if a person interupts me an says i already know etc i apologize an just jump into the more advance concept since we have the same level of familiarity

  • 1. I love how anyone with a contrary opinion is "offended" or "whining" instead of genuinely disagreeing with a point.

    2. While I believe mansplaining exists, people are going way overboard. This video undercut a pretty rational point of "what if there is something you need to know, but you don't know? If I explain it to you, is that mansplaining?" by saying that the woman already knew since she invented it. Yea, it's got comedic value, but it's at the expense of making the dude look like a douche. Then she kills him for finally getting it and standing with her, because comedy. Reverse the roles on this and it's "degrading" and "sexist".

  • This guy is the direct ancestor of the dude who tried to mansplain costumes to the wardrobe designer of Indiana Jones

  • I'm not the all feminist are evil and want to kill all men kind of person and even I think mansplaining is dumb.

  • Guys it was a skit. They were either poking fun at feminists complaining about mansplaining, or they agree with mansplaining being a thing. Who cares? It was funny

  • why are they white. if your saying these are the first people, their melanocytes probably worked the way they were designed to in the first place.

  • One of the female writers of Deadpool was at the premiere, and had the entire character mansplained to her by a guy behind her thinking she was a fake nerd girl and just thought it would be a cool, when her name was in the movie. So.

  • Meanwhile, Africans were building pyramids and had advanced civilization while cave man explained to cave woman how to start a fire.

  • Oh I get the joke… Heheh.

    The whole made up mansplaining thing, so funny.

    Best one yet, but sadly not on the top chart.

  • This is the best example of how all Feminists must live in a fantasy world to believe in Feminism. In fact this video makes the case for womansplaining, since it would have been a woman nagging a man who invented almost everything. It is also an example of how Feminists cannot logic, since for that guy to mansplain a fire, he must already know how to make one.

  • HEADS UP MEN! I HAVE THE PERFECT ANSWER TO ALL THE MANSPLAINING NONSENSE.! Every time a female asks a question, ALWAYS respond…………Oh! You want me to mansplain. Afterwards when they insist you are being difficult, as will sure as sunrise happen, insist on payment for your mansplaining. After all.. you went to the trouble to earn the information she wants for free either on the job through sweat equity or paid to be taught! As for the manspreading, if the twats tits were extraordinarily tender to any slightest touch, they wouldn't be slamming their legs on them either. Besides, we don't reek of dead fish when we do spread our legs either like the majority of those………..things. If you are around when some DFC tries the manspread……get a puzzled look on your face. Start looking around under tables, behind sofas, behind doors, etc. When asked what you are doing, with a sincere wrinkled brow, ask with a loud, clear voice…..Does anyone else smell something that smells like rotten tuna????

  • Girls don't want you to explain things, but they really do want you to explain things cause they need help.

  • i expected a hit in the head with a club, maybe some hair pulling. Is this a post apocalypse western civilization degraded to cavedwelling people? Whaaat?

  • it's called being condescending, the femtards who came up with mansplaining only seem to notice when men do it.

  • So they are in the desert, looks to be not far from my house. They don't need fire in the first place. It doesn't drop below 90 degrees often times in the summer. She was in the wrong for wanting to start a fire in the desert to begin with. Not to mention wood and trees are scarce, and you are better off saving that for when you really need heat.

  • Maybe he's trying to help you bc he' loves you and men and women should work together, not compete ♥️

  • Not funny. But it does a great job of representing feminism. Woman perceives condescension, so she proceeds to be condescending, assuming her own superiority. Man gets nagged into being a bitchboi "ally", and then another woman kills him when he tries to "white knight" for her. The message is clear: You can't win with feminism no matter what you do.

  • Well that explains mansplaining. I was wondering what all the who ha was about. Sometimes a woman needs to be pointed in the right direction.

  • Once heard a Boot tell a Seargent (E-5) to stop Mansplianing, no one knew what she was talking about. But I can't wait until they fast-track her into combat and she gets everyone in her fireteam killed.

  • Well…I had something important to say but, you women are too stupid to understand it and you don't want things explained, so, figure it out for yourselves.

  • Womenteruppting is a real issue. Womenunderstanding is a real issue
    Feminazis are a real issue,
    Feminazis don't got to Islamic countries and war torn countries to help with women rights ,who are scared that their heads might get chopped off are complaining about shit like mansplanning and manspreading which are sexist terms too, lol. Fakes and attention seeker and sexists and delusional females talk about silly things. Nobody takes them seriously lol. Nobody actually gives a shit ,it's just funny and a kind of entertainment ,insecure women talking about silly issues .

    And feminists are absolute cowards , most of the times they switch off the comments and likes and dislikes, they can't even take it ,they get triggered lol.

    Kuddos to this channel for not disabling comment section

  • Did she really invent the wheel? Why do I doubt that? As a side note, she did NOT succeed in making fire :O (Hint, she would need a steel bar, rock to rock does not make sparks) . Oooopppssss , guess I´m "Mansplainin". 8|

  • Notice how cave man was killed when he white knighted other woman. Also, IRL it is women who are far more condescending than men. Especially to me(as an autistic man but I digress). Females be projecting as usual…..

  • We should've never let them vote. If there was no man, woman would still live in caves eating berries. Men invented every meaningful life changing invention since the beginning of time. But hey a woman invented the bra, so there you go ladies thanks for that one. Even their inventions were selfish.

    So did i trigger you ladiez ??? Im only playing.

    But seriously men built the world

  • First there was women empowerment given to women by men, then there was feminists using this equality to take advantage of men and society. Now there is critical women who think everybody owes them something and they can treat men however they please. Tomorrow feminists that make up bigoted words to control the narrative will have political power. Cause and effect shows troubling trend for men and society as a whole in the near future.

  • Women did not invent wheel, nor did they typically hunt !!! feminism is cancer, not masculinity ..Masculinity took us to the moon, built enormous structures, lit up our cities at night, and made 99.99% of all technological advancements on this planet. It wasn't women.

  • Scrolling through the comments here has got me thinking that maybe I misunderstood the point of the video, because it seems to me that this video was AGAINST the notion of mansplaining being a thing, not for it – hence why Ugg is portrayed as being innocent and good-natured, and why he gets a spear through his back as soon as he starts babbling about mansplaining, to shut him up).

  • I mansplain all the time then. Despite the fact that i talk mostly to men. That is because i think everyone is stupid, otherwise i wouldn't f%cking need to explain

  • Mansplaining is just women's insecurity. We have to explain so much to you because you don't bother learning DIY or how to change a tire etc. You don't have problem solving skills because you just spend all day trying to look pretty.

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