Taking A Pregnancy Test On Camera!! *PREGNANT AGAIN*

Taking A Pregnancy Test On Camera!! *PREGNANT AGAIN*

hi guys so I’m in the Walmart parking
lot right now I am very late on my period which can mean a few different
things I am pregnant again or I or my hormones are all messed up both are a
big possibility especially since Drake and I haven’t been using protection well
we have kind of we’ve been using the pullout method which I know doesn’t like
really work but I mean I don’t want to be put on birth control he doesn’t want
to wear condoms so we’re kind of just like if it happens it happens however
I’m not really sure if I want another baby right now I do want more kids in
the future but I think I could be pregnant so I’m gonna go in Walmart and pick
one out and I guess we’ll find out if we’re having baby number two okay I’m
not sure which one I’m going to get but I don’t want to spend a lot of money and
honestly these works just as good so I’m just gonna grab these two and we’re
gonna head out okay I’m in the bathroom right now I don’t know why I’m so
nervous this isn’t like it’s my first time being
pregnant I guess it’s just kind of like yeah I want another baby I just don’t
know if the right time is now just because it’s already really packed and
our place with the three of us and and even though we’re looking for new places
that are bigger so we can grow a bigger family we can’t move out till
September’s so I don’t know I guess like part of me kinda wants to be pregnant
than the other part of me is like it’s not your time right now so I don’t know
I mean I don’t know I feel like it’s in God’s hands and whatever happens is
meant to happen I got two pregnancy tests they were like the cheapest ones
the cheapest pregnancy tests work just as good as the other ones but if you’re
trying to test early they may not work as accurate as like first response we’re
gonna go try one now I’m so nervous so I have like this mini water bottle that
I’m going to pee in because I don’t have anything else well I do have other stuff
but I don’t want to like I don’t know so I’m just gonna use this and then throw
it away but here we go okay let’s do this I think I do three drops yeah three
full drops one two three okay now we wait test results will
appear within three minutes positive results may appear as early as 60
minutes okay I’m setting my timer to three minutes and now we’re just gonna
wait all so Drake doesn’t know I’m doing this I don’t want to make him like
nervous or stress out if I’m not actually pregnant
so we’ll see what it says and then go from there but yeah this is probably the
hardest part is like the suspense of waiting to find out if you’re pregnant
because like either nothing’s happening or your life’s about to change forever okay it’s time to look at it I don’t
want you like I kind of don’t want to wait what okay I’m confused did I do
this right yeah I did this right what what does that even mean
I’ve never had this happen before it says it says invalid result
I’m so confused have any of you guys ever had this
happen like I’ve never had this happen and I’ve taken quite a bit of pregnancy
tests that’s weird maybe it’s too early but
then it would say negative right okay what I’m literally so confused
I’m so confused okay guys look at this okay this is what it looks like I don’t
know if you can see that the camera is trying to focus okay you see that line
where it says T here I’ll put it like this like the lines at the T and it says
here you’re not pregnant if it’s like if it’s on the sea line you’re not
pregnant if it’s both lines you’re pregnant and then if it’s if it’s just
the line on the tee it’s an invalid result I don’t know that’s really weird
I kind of want to take the other one but maybe it’s just invalid because it’s too
early and I am pregnant and like it doesn’t know what to do I don’t know
maybe I can take this one tomorrow and see I don’t know now I feel like I’m
even more anxious because I don’t know anyone that’s how this happened to them
it says if it’s ATO that’s upside down right what is it it’s an invalid
I don’t know what should I do guys I’m gonna get off of here and like do some
research about this because I literally like don’t even know what this means if
you guys know anything about this please let me know or if this is like happen to
you and you were pregnant let me know and I’ll keep you guys updated and we
will find out sooner or later if I’m pregnant again or not

100 thoughts on “Taking A Pregnancy Test On Camera!! *PREGNANT AGAIN*

  • It could be because your HCG is so high that the test line "stole" all the dye. Look it up, it happens a lot. Congratulations if you are!

  • If your not keen on hormone birth control you can use a diaphragm, super easy to use but they aren’t as effective as say the pill but such a great alternative ❤️

    Sometimes you can have a positive on the T line if your really pregnant over 6 weeks, I would take a more expensive pregnancy test or a blood test ( I’m not sure if you have to pay for those 🙈 British over here so not sure) sending all my love xxxx

  • It might be that the test you took is faulty like it may have been made wrong by the company that makes them so its a good idea to try another test again and see what the next one says also remember to be careful to not let the part of the test that shows you result to get wet by your urine as that also can stuff up the pregnancy test too but good luck and i hope whatever the result ends up being that you are happy hugz.

  • Me & my partner been trying for 4 years. I've had an invalid test & last xmas I had a false positive. Never had a positive test ever until last xmas & it turned out to be a false positive. Now I'm on the waiting list for IVF which feels like forever.

    I've been on so much medication to help & I ended up on a cancer drug which is used for infertility in women & loss most of my hair for it not to have worked.
    Whenever I do a test now I do more than one.

    Everyone whose my age I know have at least one child or going onto their 3rd.
    I've been avoiding my facebook as it's hard to see everyone I know playing happy families but for some reason I find comfort in watching a lot of YT videos (like your channel).
    I've had plenty say just adopt but it's hard to understand if you havent been in the situation. But whether my IVF works or not I would love to adopt especially after hearing your story with your first son.

    I hope you keep us update!
    Even though tests can be expensive get at least 2 or 3. That's what I've been doing nearly every month especially after having a false positive last xmas. Didnt realize this could happen especially if you have a hormone imblance. Always thought this was a myth. Sad enough I took a photo & have kept it on my phone.

  • When you get an invalid test result it usually means a faulty test or your urine was too diluted to actually get a proper reading. Take a digital.

  • It happens sometimes. Basically the test was manufactured wrong so it doesn’t work. Just retest with (obviously) a different test 🙂

  • Your just very pregnant idk why they say its invalid. It just means all your hormone took all the dye to test line.

  • It’s possible that the little water drops in the water bottle could have messed with you’re pee as well. I personally got a positive test on one of these 5 days before my period, they are pretty sensitive test. I say test again in the morning with first morning pee and a dry cup and see what it says. But that test is definitely invalid. Best of luck!

  • Yes, I’ve had this happen to me before. It was because I was VERY pregnant and the “Test” line took all the dye from the “Control” line.

  • I took a $1 test THAT SAME ONE 4 days before my period was due because we had been trying and the $1 test lit up within a minute. My period wasn’t even late yet 😂 she’s now 6 weeks old ❤️

  • Had this happen and was pregnant this is how i ended up with my one month old… just started a youtube, follow our journey subscribe to my channel. 💚

  • Looks like the test is broken and the control line and test lines are upside down. I would deff retest again to be sure. Happens sometimes especially with the cheaper test. Happened to me before

  • When I took a test at 10 weeks and was pregnant the "control" line was faded so maybe you are and are just far along? I'd say take another test, different brand and if it's still inconclusive go to the doc for a blood test.

  • This happened to me and it means you’re super pregnant, your HCG is so high that it’s taken all the dye from the control line. Congratulations!!

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  • No clue. Those look like the ones from Dollar Tree. Last one I took, the test line popped up before the control line did and the pee was still going across the test, lol.

  • I would say test again in the morning, or buy a different preggo test, like a different brand. The pull out method can work if you do it correctly. I think where a lot of people go wrong with it is that if the guy already ejaculates, and he re-inserts without urinating…your going to get preggo. Maybe he already started ejaculating inside of you and didnt realize and he pulled out too late. Or hes someone who has sperm in his pre-cum. Just my two cents! Good luck, hopefully you update us soon!

  • Take one with words rather then lines or if you really think you might be take one that tells you how far along you are, so then you at least know for surebx

  • You're preggo af, we just had the same result, your levels are so high, it stole the color from the control line. I'm sure you know by now that you've uploaded this video.

  • ╔╗ ╔╗╔═╦╦╦═╗
    ║║ ║╚╣║║║║╩╣
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  • I took a test and it said negitive that I wasn't pregnant and then not even a week later I took another it was very positive. I'd take a few more as the weeks go on. Because it's very possible you are. I also had a couple invalid ones. AMD I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant.

  • You know there's birth control you can take other than condoms, right? You should try the pill or an implant or a NuvaRing or an IUD if you don't want to get pregnant right now.

  • I used those pregnancy tests with my youngest son & my first 1 said "invalid" so I waited until the next morning & used my first pee…& that one came back positive! So maybe try taking it right after u wake up. Did u mean to say Sept? (As far as moving out) I know ur mind was probably racing with talking about pregnancy & not being sure if ur ready for another baby or not…so I didn't know if it was a mistake or maybe ur talking about Sept of 2020. Lol Sending hugs & prayers ur way…remember God is in control

  • Would anyone wanna help a struggling single mama feed her babies? I don't have anyone to go to for help/support & I don't know what to do at this point 😢 ANY help at all would mean SO MUCH…I pray that if God places it in ur heart to help, that he blesses u 10 times in return!!! My brakes went bad on my only car & I had to take my grocery money to fix them so I wouldn't loose my job…now I'm struggling to get groceries. Please no negativity…Its embarrassing asking for anything, but for my babies I'll swallow my pride. I have PP www.PayPal.me/sgkadkzmommie

  • Just can't keep your legs closed, can ya? Either that or youre just not smart enough to figure out birth control. If you don't want to have more kids RN.. One of yall need to compromise on birth control. Not rocket science. In a few years y'all prob have like 4 or 5 kids lol have a good life hun

  • Either your too early or the pregnancy test expired.
    I took a test that was expired once and said invalid and didn't realize until an hour later. Now I always check the expiration date. Hope this helps

  • Girl I have a 8 month old named Leo and now I'm a little over 11 weeks prego. Its intimidating but I also cant wait to have both my babies growing up so close in age. Also, do you check your DM's in insta at all? I personally hate commenting on videos and it being so public but it feels like such a lost cause to send a DM because the chance of it being read is slim.

  • "Hey guys, I'm running low on video ideas so I'm just gonna go buy a couple of cheap preggo tests and pretend i might be pregnant. That'll get me a few views…" 🤦‍♀️

  • Every single one of my pregnancy tests (An I've done a few, 2 babies and 4 miscarriages) I've had a barely visible line x

  • If you have missed your period for a while already, waiting will not change the result. It is not too early. Many pregnancy tests can detect hcg before a missed period (including that dollar store one in some cases) if you have already missed it by a while 99% of the time if you’re pregnant a pregnancy test will show it. Waiting dosent change anything at this point it’s best to know sooner rather than later. I recommend using using clear blue or first response. Also this test you took dosent mean anything it was invalid because of the liquid left over in your water bottle. Good luck!

  • I’ve seen this happen when women are further along and their HCG is higher and the ink is sucked from the control line and put into the test line. I’m betting your pregnant!

  • My cheap test didn't work and so i popped it open and pushed the pad and got the pee to go across (gross I know 😆) and it ended up being positive with #2. I was really mad at myself for not being more cautious but I was ignorant and didn't think I was super fertile since my son was only 18 months at the time. I knew I was though because I had the same implantation bleeding I had with my son. Unfortunately I'm not pregnant anymore but I'm now on BC I got an iud put in cos we don't want another till Kai is probably around 4/5. He almost died at birth and was in the nicu for 28 days and his first Christmas so I really have been wanting to give him as much love, happiness and just have him be our whole world for awhile before adding anymore kiddos. I also had severe ppd & ppa so I really also wanted to work on our bond since I felt like he was closer to his dad. Ive kept my word tho and glad to say we are closer than ever and he now cries when I leave..but that still breaks my heart and is so sad like ahh how can I walk away even tho I have to?! 😢

  • you should get a clearblue test where it shows ,,pregnant" or ,,not pregnant" and they have some where you can test it earlier.

  • It’s either a defaulty test or you have so much HCG, that stole all the dye in the test so there wasn’t enough to cross the second line. I’d take the other one, there’s a very slim chance you’ll have that happen twice if it’s just a bad test.

  • It happened to me I just took the other one in the box and the test was negative, I think it was just a faulty test the first one, they were the cheap little ones similar to that.
    Edit: this was like a year ago so I definitely was not pregnant or I’d have had it by now 😂
    Congrats if you are though girl !

  • The C is the control line and it should always have a line there if the test is working correctly. It’s most likely just a bad test. You should take the second one. I work at a doctors office and do them all the time and if there isn’t a C line we just retest on another test.

  • Honestly try look really hard for a faded line on the c bc that’s happened to me and little did I know there was a super faded like on top too and it took me awhile to notice it and I was pregnant

  • Congrats!! We just found out that we are EXPECTING BABY # 3 !! If you would like to follow this longgg journey with us then SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL to join the family🥰🥰

  • The pull out method is not effective. If you don't want hormonal birth control you could always have the copper iud! Also if the control is fainter that could be because you're so pregnant that all the dye was stolen lol.

  • mine said invalid and i was not pregnant. also your title is just a plain lie. I was so rrady to see your reaction and you straight up lied to my face

  • I would def go see the doctor hcg levejs might be so high stole all the dye when I first got pregnant I was obsessed with taking test cause I'm crazy lol and at the end of my obsession test line was so dark took from control congrats if you are

  • my guess is your hcg level is so dang high that the Test line stole all the dye from the control one. I'm guessing you're hella pregnant xD

  • For the "invalid result" it basically means the internal control built into the test failed. C is for control, T is for test. So since you only got a test line it is invalid because the control used to balance it isn't working. (I'm an MA, I give pregnancy tests in doctors offices all the time)

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