What I Eat Each Trimester of Pregnancy

14-18 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE 2018! + BELLY SHOT | When will we know the gender? | Second Trimester

hey everybody and welcome back to my channel! I know it has been such a long time since I like sat down and made a video. I’ve just been super busy with moving and packing and all that nonsense and literally our house is just filled with boxes. This is the only like area in […]

Is It Better To Have Young or Old Parents?

When people are deciding what age to have children at, you’ll often hear them say that before they have kids there are a lot of things they want to get done first. Maybe travel the world, maybe concentrate on a career, or at least just wait until the twenties are out of the way. On […]

17 & PREGNANT STORY – How I found out

안녕하세요 제 이름은 나미입니다! Hi everyone, it’s Nami. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about how I found out that I was pregnant the first time and what my symptoms were. I did do a birth story of how my first child Galahad was born, which I will put right here for you […]

What Are The Symptoms Of A Twin Pregnancy? (L+S: Ep. 9)

Knock on wood I’m having a great pregnancy this time and I had a great pregnancy last time in terms of minimal discomfort really, I mean… it’s uncomfortable but like you’re growing a person…so it’s gonna be uncomfortable and in this case I’m growing two people I’m definitely more tired this time around because I […]

Buying a Second Pregnancy Test!

No, it’s not funny sit down. It’s not funny sit down. Guys you’re gonna get right now. Someone’s in trouble. A lot of you guys had Some suggestions for me, so I’m here to buy another pregnancy Good morning guys How are y’all today I am finally riding in the passenger seat of our new […]

16 And Pregnant – Unexpected Student to Teen Mom Changed My Life

When I was 16 years old That is when I had my first boyfriend. His name was Aidan. So I met Aidan in school and we were assigned to be a chemistry lab partners and we just hit it off. And I thought he was a pretty great guy based on everything we talked about. […]

39 Weeks Pregnant Vlog (2018) No Stretch Marks! | Third Trimester Symptoms, Due Date & Natural Birth

Oh I’ll take Screams let me carry You Hey everyone, I’m Lisa and today I am doing a 39 week pregnancy update This is probably gonna be my last pregnancy Update for this particular pregnancy because hopefully I will be going into labor soon I was meaning to do like a 36 week update and […]

29 week pregnancy update- Glucose test results, lightning crotch, and bump pic!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel this is my 29 week s date and and it went a lot better the last week so I’m excited to share with you some of my symptoms and kind of what’s been going on this week all of you who watched my last two videos know that […]