WHO’S YOUR DADDY IN VR?!?! (Baby Hands)

Hey guys dan here welcome back to some more virtual reality where today, we’re gonna become a baby look at my chubby hands i love jasmine Magnificent, but yeah today. We’re playing a game called baby hands now I haven’t played this before but my first impression of the game from the screenshots and the […]

Are You and Your Family Ready For Fall Sports & Activities? BestHealth Podcast Ep. 14

This is the best health podcast brought to you by wake forest baptist health in partnership with MedCost. Good day everyone. Welcome to the latest best health podcast brought to you by wake forest baptist health. And we’re glad that you’re tuning into this episode and we have a very special guest that’s going to […]

Nurses Caught On Camera Abusing NEWBORN Babies

A disturbing video has surfaced on the internet that shows nurses in a hospital abusing a newborn baby by squashing its head and face. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know, here for you on IO. Welcome back to inform overload, I’m charlotte dobre, and if theres one thing that really grinds […]

Modern Shakespearean Sonnet 96. Stillborn, by Andrew Barker

Hi I’m Andrew Barker. This is “Modern Shakespearean Sonnet Number 96: Stillborn.” A child who starts a story, “And they died,”/ Believes he’s tricked the uncompleted page/ To silence, stopped the pencil’s needless stride/ Through pointless possibilities, assuaged/ The need for journey by the outcome shown,/ The effort of engagement by one thought/ That stamps […]

How to use wooden bowls in newborn session | BTS Newborn photography

Que tal guys! Roxana here with another video about what goes on during a newborn session and some tips for you. I want to show you how I use a wooden bowl and a posing pillow, this one that I have is shaped a little bit weird because I made it so… there you go.. […]

Funniest Baby’s Reaction To Party- Lovers Baby

Funny and hilarious reaction when baby joining a party. Let’s watch and enjoy! Just like Now take it away Did I help you ID. I was wondering I was wondering who’s gonna do You – others they come if that was a bud line of different things Yeah blow it blow it blow it blow […]

Why babies laugh | Caspar Addyman | TEDxBratislava

Translator: Ivana Krivokuća Reviewer: Tijana Mihajlović Babies laugh. (Laughter) Babies laugh a lot. They laugh at mommies, They laugh at daddies, They laugh at siblings, They laugh at grannies, They laugh at cats, They laugh at dogs, They laugh even While sleeping in their cots, They laugh at songs And peek-a-boo, Babies laugh more Than […]


*sorry guys it’s raining outside* Hi guys, welcome back to my channel if your new here my name is Jessica Tang I’m explaining about the Tradition here in Taiwan. And i’m exploring the most beautiful places in Taiwan. and their delicious food. Today i’m going to share with you is about postpartum care after giving […]