BIG DOCTOR APPOINTMENT! Hospital Tour! 32 Weeks Pregnant

What this is a cooler full of pears and we barely made it that we have a big appointment coming up. Big Appointment. I haven’t spent money yet looking forward to this doctor appointment. [inaudible] harvest a harvest day. Alright you guys we are going to attempt to harvest our pears pairs. The Harvest Day. […]

Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper

Natalia this is natalia this is Alexandra we’re two filmmakers living in Brooklyn to live in this expensive city we’ve both had many different jobs and worn many different hats thank you I started thinking about the most stigmatized mysterious and hardest jobs that women do to get by what would it be like to […]


I’m on a mission they’re gonna massage your foot and they’re gonna hit the exact right spot and the baby’s gonna fly out castor oil I’m doing this I’m gonna do it trying to get your little brother out if I take the castor oil how long will it take for me to go into […]


[snoring] [Ian] SHUT UP! Help.. The hell..? Very sick… Haven’t slept in days… Too weak to go on..! I think I got just what you need. [whistling] My grandpa gave me his old sleeping pills at his will when he died. He said… …what did he say again? These pills are very dangerous, so don’t […]

tWitch & Allison’s Big Announcement!

tWitch, I know you’re out of breath. It’s like you’re in labor right now, so here’s a short video to watch while tWitch catches his breath. [BREATHING HEAVILY] [LAUGHTER] Actually, I am– I am out of breath. But I wanted to tell you something. Oh. I’m going to tell you all something, too. But I […]

Pranking My Parents with Our Big Pregnancy Announcement!

– [Woman On phone] I’m going to be a mom? Is this for real? – Yeah, we wanted to be on the phone with you while you watch this. ♪ And 10 years down the road ♪ ♪ I’ll still be sitting on the floor ♪ ♪ Writing about you ♪ ♪ Writing about you […]

Royal Baby Due Date! | Baby Sussex

♪ Doobie, doobie, do, de, du ♪ – Hi, we’re Joel and Lia. – And welcome to our baby Sussex playlist. – Yeah, we’re doing a mini series because the royal baby is coming along very soon and we get lots of questions about this, don’t we? – Everyone’s asking for content around the royal […]

‘The Bachelorette’ Hannah B. Is Ready to Unleash the Beast

Hi, Hannah B. Hey, Ellen. Hi. Congratulations. Thank you. And they loved you when they found out that it was you. Yes! I love you. So did you have any idea? I mean, that– did you, like, talk to anybody and go, hey, if I get kicked off can I be the Bachelorette? No. That’s […]

Ed Sheeran on His Girlfriend and Working with Beyoncé

[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] I have to say congratulations. You were nominated for two Grammys. [APPLAUSE] And I also have to say, I am outraged that you were not nominated for Album of the Year or Song of the Year. How “Shape”– I cannot believe that that was not nominated for Song of the Year. I […]

Dakota Johnson Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Oh, it’s good to see you, Dakota. It’s good to see you too. You look fantastic. Did you try that on before you– do you want a blanket or anything? [AUDIENCE CHUCKLING] Fine. Here. I just– Let’s put that right there. OK. Oh. Here we go. I have this crazy fake tattoo on my arm, […]