Ed Sheeran on His Girlfriend and Working with Beyoncé

[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] I have to say congratulations. You were nominated for two Grammys. [APPLAUSE] And I also have to say, I am outraged that you were not nominated for Album of the Year or Song of the Year. How “Shape”– I cannot believe that that was not nominated for Song of the Year. I […]

Dakota Johnson Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Oh, it’s good to see you, Dakota. It’s good to see you too. You look fantastic. Did you try that on before you– do you want a blanket or anything? [AUDIENCE CHUCKLING] Fine. Here. I just– Let’s put that right there. OK. Oh. Here we go. I have this crazy fake tattoo on my arm, […]

Pregnancy Announcement! Taking The Test, Telling Dad + Ultrasound Footage!

We’re having another baby! Yay another baby yay! It’s so exciting another little bundle of joy just like this little Layla monster here Yeah, you’ve gotten super attached and clingy just now Yay! babies Hooray! So, yeah, we got these are uh, Some pictures of some gray spots. A little blob, which wherethere’s a baby […]

More Than Friends

– I have applied to 26 jobs this week. – Okay, where? Where did you apply? – Um, Craigslist, my– – No, Ethan, pesticides you can’t eat those before you wash them, no. Applying for jobs online is like throwing your resume in a trashcan. Ethan are you listening to me? You gotta see if […]

Emotional LIVE Pregnancy Test | Interracial Couple

Hey guys, so we’re just in Croatia, we’re in Zagreb, we are in our Airbnb So, I think I’m going to take a pregnancy test today. So, when we were in China a month ago we bought a bunch of cheap ones and I just — I’m getting all these symptoms and I don’t know […]

Pregnancy Test Results – The Vessel Episode 3

” A bit pregnant!” Hey babe! How is it going in there? Ok… The test… Does the test say… Any… thing? – It should say something now. – does it show? NO. I think it needs another minute. – Ok… – Have you been weeing enough? – Yes of course she pissed enough. Don’t say […]

WE’RE PREGNANT! Emotional Pregnancy Announcement 2018 | Interracial Couple

Hey guys! Hey guys, Sam and Dan here So today we have a huge announcement. Yeah, big news. And that’s part of the reason why we came back from our trip. Check it out Oh my god What? What? Do you see that? Oh! Do you see two lines? Yeah. Oh my god Yeah, baby […]

Drake Bell’s Blind Date With a Superfan | Celeb Blind Date

Wait a minute. Why would somebody that sounds like this be a fan of Drake & Josh? Yo Bro, you like started off Australian, now you’re like some cockney Irish guy. Hey, what’s up? This is Drake Bell and I’m here at Seventeen, I’m about to meet a superfan but she doesn’t know that I’m […]

If Men Got Pregnant

(keys clacking) (dings) (perky music) (vomiting) – Can I come in there? – This, this room is my room now. This is my den, this is my cave– Gotta go. – I have to get in there before work though, babe. – [Joey] I will build you another bathroom, woman. – Okay. – When are […]

Switching HUSBANDS 24 HOUR CHALLENGE w/ the Labrant Fam! | Rebecca Zamolo

– [Matt] Oh! – I got this Mom stuff. Ah, I just touched it! I just touched it! – [Matt] I do a ninja move, oh yes! – What was that? Oh no! – I’m not even driving the car. I don’t know where we’re going guys. – I don’t even know what’s – Okay […]