The Surprising History Of Birth Control Pills

– [Voiceover] In the early 1900s, contraception was illegal in America. A woman’s place was in the home, and effective methods of birth control were few and far between. A nurse named Margaret Sanger was working with struggling mothers and she realized that women should be able to choose when they get pregnant and how […]

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction – Professional Brooklyn Gynecological Services – Brooklyn, NY

What is Pelvic Floor Reconstruction? Pelvic floor reconstruction is a group of various surgical procedures used to treat pelvic organ prolapse, a condition that occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor are weakened or damaged, often due to childbirth. Other causes include repeated heavy lifting, chronic disease, or surgery. The pelvic floor includes the […]

What a Stillbirth Might Mean for Future Pregnancies

Stillbirth rates are down in many developed countries, and that’s encouraging good news, but unfortunately, a new study shows suffering through the birth of a stillborn child, may increase your chances of another later on. I’m Rachelle Grossman with your latest health news. Researchers collected data on more than 3 million women. They found that […]

Women’s Health During Childbearing Years

(upbeat music) – I’m doctor Emma Miller. I’m an OBGYN, and I practice at Timpanogos Women’s Center. I like to see a patient before they are thinking about conceiving if possible, if they know that they’re going to start planning a family. I like to make sure that they get into the office, make sure […]

झूठी गर्भावस्था │ False Pregnancy │ Life Care │ Health Education Video in Hindi

hello how are you ? i am fine doctor i am here to take advice from you on a serious matter what is your issue ? doctor is there something like false pregnancy ? my sister was 7 months pregnant even breasts started to produce a little milk but doctor says there is no any […]

University of Iowa; Midwife Services

Midwives do maternity care, made well OBGYN care, family planning, so mostly those types of services. I think kind of that paradigm shift for our care is, you know we really focus on wellness and normalcy and promoting normalcy within the pregnancy and within your life and I think that a lot of women really […]

Women’s Pavilion Tour

(gentle music) – Welcome to the St. Mark’s Hospital Women’s Pavilion. My name is Merrilee and I will be your tour guide today. We are going to take you on a tour of all of our facilities up front and then we will walk back to Labor and Delivery. We will also visit Postpartum and […]

Taking A Pregnancy Test On Camera!! *PREGNANT AGAIN*

hi guys so I’m in the Walmart parking lot right now I am very late on my period which can mean a few different things I am pregnant again or I or my hormones are all messed up both are a big possibility especially since Drake and I haven’t been using protection well we have […]

Fibroids and Their Treatment | IMPROVING FERTILITY | Fibroids and Pregnancy | Womens Health

hello viewers welcome to our Channel today dr. Sumina reddy is with us consultant fertility specialist and laparoscopy surgeon at le bateau hospital’s Banjara Hills hello dr. ho a doctor and good doctor can you please explain what is fibroids fibroids are benign growths that arise out of the uterus they are seen in about […]

Urinary Tract Infections, Animation.

A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is an infection in any part of the urinary system — the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. An infection of the urethra, or urethritis, may cause burning sensation when urinating and cloudy discharge. A bladder infection, or cystitis, may result in pelvic pain, frequent, painful urination, and blood in […]