No 2 cornflakes are identical!? | 20 Pointless Facts

Masturbating Fetuses Prove Abortion Should Be Banned

masturbating fetuses proved that abortion should be bad it doesn’t make any sense i know this man whose picture is over my shoulder republican congressman michael burgers texas also and it will be gyi and says that matter implies at least that masturbating fetuses prove abortion should be banned he was talking yesterday appt with […]

Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, OAFLAD/Terumo BCT panel on importance of blood for Africa

– Nigel Talboys, Global Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy at Terumo BCT. There is a direct relation to the amount of blood that is collected and the survivals of women in, that are suffering from postpartum hemorrhage. Now, postpartum hemorrhage is the biggest killer for women in childbirth, and it accounts for somewhere […]

Why did God give the pain of childbirth only to women?

Why were women alone given the pains of delivering a child? [A question by Shri Anil] Swami replied: O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! God is omniscient. He knows what is to be given to whom and what is not to be given. When we pose such questions, they reflect our doubts about the […]

Surprising Things Your Body Does After Childbirth

8 Physical Traits In Women That Men Are Most Attracted To

eight physical traits in women that men are most attracted to evolutionary biology is patterned human beings and all other life forms to strive for passing on of genetic material we are groomed to look for the best mates who have the best chance of passing on our genes according to midge Wilson who is […]

Birth Control Methods Keep Getting Weirder

*laughing* Hey did you guys know that Sarah is so afraid of getting pregnant That she’s on the pill but she still takes plan B Like all the time well its only 50 dollars a pop so I feel like that’s worth for the piece of mind Totally Which is why Barry and I are […]

Stillborn – Rochelle Potkar – kalArt English Poetry

Gender assigned to us at birth should not dictate who we are | Sarah McBride | TEDxMidAtlanticSalon

Translator: Daria Aza Reviewer: Robert Tucker Good evening, everyone. My name is Sarah McBride. I am 25 years old. I am a native of Wilmington, Delaware. A proud graduate of American University, I am about to write “Go Eagles!” I am a movie buff, a policy nerd, a sister, and a daughter. It took me […]