Pregnant Women Play Never Have I Ever

my husband said you’re fine let’s lay down and watch a movie and he put on Saving Private Ryan hi I’m Jessica and I will be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow hi I’m the eye and I’m 37 weeks today hi I’m Steph I’m 25 weeks pregnant hi I’m Yvette and I’m also 25 weeks pregnant […]

Women Try Brazilian Waxing For The First Time

– Sweating. Do you see sweat coming down my face right now? Do you feel like the fear? (upbeat music) – I think that body hair is natural. – I think I just shave it when I remember to. – I don’t know. I get very cold. I find it helps keep me warm. – […]

Pregnant Women Review Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Women Stop Taking Birth Control For The First Time

– Fun perk about being off birth control. Hey girl, what you doin’ on my face? (upbeat music) I have been doing this to my body everyday for 12 years. I’m so over it. – I’ve been on birth control for about a total of 10 years. I started taking Depo, the shot, about five […]

I Tried A Vaginal Alarm Clock

(vibrating) (clattering) – It’s gonna be doing that in my pants! (fun music) My name is Merle. My struggle, and the reason that I am shamelessly here, aside from the fact that I am not planning a career in politics, is the fact that I actually do have a multitude of issues waking up in […]

We Answer Questions About Periods

please go to the store and get me some tampons some tampons and some Hershey’s cookies and cream par today we’re gonna answer questions about periods from people who don’t have periods we asked a bunch of people in our office to submit questions and now we’re gonna answer them we are not medical experts […]

I Wore A Haunted Necklace For A Week

could a haunted necklace affect your wife absolutely hi I’m Lindsay I’m really into fashion and spooky stuff so I went on eBay and bought a haunted possessed necklace for one whole week I’m gonna wear this necklace and hopefully not die so here’s the deal I don’t know if this is true I’m very […]

Best Friends Swap Fashion Styles For A Day

I’m liking yourself hi I’m jasmine and I’m Lindsay and today we’re swapping styles we’ve never swapped styles before which is wild we’ve been in so many videos with each other about styling you’re just like you know you’re doing yeah yeah and we’ve never I would describe the Lindsey style is definitely team it’s […]

We Tried The Changing In Our Car Challenge • Ladylike

today Mike is making us changing our cars I’m a hot-blooded American woman of course I’ve changed my car before I’ve changed a tampon in my car before I’m actually a reptile anyway I’ve changed in my car but also in the driver’s seat I never use energy to go to the back where there’s […]

Teen Vs. Adult: Pregnancy Belly Reactions

I mean women running please be careful this is not good they were talking about me so this is kind of bringing up a lot of bad memories for me three people totally rejected me I need help I okay coming through [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah so I was actually a team when I was […]