Gastroenterology – Acute Non-Traumatic Abdominal Pain: By Heather Murray M.D.

Patients with abdominal pain can have literally hundreds of things wrong with them, involving many different organs and systems. Your job is to figure out what’s wrong and start the right treatments – an intimidating task! There are a number of life-threatening diagnoses that cannot be missed. I would like to introduce you to the […]

【猫は超可愛い!Cute cat!】ノーラとチョロ地域猫時代・ハチワレ保護猫

Welcome to fox230channel From Japan Nora and Choro Tow are still regional cats(previous video) Busy with grooming “Choro” Reply with voice Reply with tail Busy with grooming See you

16 Bizarre Birth Defects

Black Fly Presents 16 Bizarre Birth Defects Number One: Infant Roona Begum from Tripura India was conceived with Hydrocephalus. Her head developed up to 94 centimeters in circumference and she went through treatment and surgery. Hydrocephalus is an uncommon issue otherwise called “water on the brain.” It is regular in newborn children however it can […]

О СЕБЕ:) До и после рождения детей/ Про отношения с мужем, родителями и друзьями.

Hello everyone! My name’s Natasha and I’d like to tell you about my character, relationship with my husband and with my sister, with my friends. And a lot of interesting things. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet Then do it right now! And click the bell in order not to miss our new […]

BCH Foothills Community Midwives: Laurie Rodenberg Testimonial

I love what I do with a passion. I think it is like holding space with them and being present with them and listening is huge in labor. I’m at the bedside. Sometimes I’m just standing there holding your hand, helping you breathe, reminding you to relax, rubbing your back, making recommendations of what positions […]

How to care for a healing wound

How you care for a healing wound depends on how it’s being held together with regular or dissolving stitches, staples, glue, or adhesive strips. If your child has stitches or staples, keep their wound covered, clean and dry. Your doctor will tell you how often to change the bandage. When it’s time, gather all the […]

Medical City Dallas Luxe Childbirth Suite Virtual Tour

Medical City Dallas Women’s Hospital Luxe Suite virtual tour. This is where clinical excellence meets elegance. (inside of suite) Inside the spacious, 600 sq. ft. private suite, you’ll find skyline views of Dallas, spa-like amenities, high-end finishes, celebratory meal options, upscale linens, a welcome basket, complimentary robe and slippers and a large, flat-screen TV. With […]

Challenges Faced in Pregnancy with Advanced Maternal Age

Hi, I am Dr Sweta Gupta, Clinical Director of Medicover Fertility. Today I am going to discuss about The Challenges Faced in Pregnancy with Advanced Maternal Age One of the factors that should be considered while planning pregnancy is the maternal age. because with advanced maternal age the fertility of a woman declines, especially after […]

Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers reveals his girlfriend is pregnant – The News

 Geordie Shore star , he excitedly confirmed today.   The tattooed hunk, 32, took to Instagram on Tuesday evening to reveal the happy news that his girlfriend Talia Oatway is pregnant  He posted a string of cute snaps, including one of a baby scan, a booties and mittens set, babygros and a cookie with ‘Baby […]

Neighborhood Health Watch: Childbirth and aging

– [Announcer] Neighborhood Health Watch is sponsored by the doctors of HCA Virginia Health System. – [Diane] Today, in Neighborhood Health Watch, the changes women experience with childbirth and aging. Most physical changes occur after menopause and are a result of a drop in estrogen levels. Eventually your periods become less frequent until they stop […]