Anxiety During Pregnancy: Watch Abby’s Story | I Am Scary Mommy

– I thought that pregnancy was gonna be magical. I thought I was gonna be an angel and like, float around. I thought occasionally I might vomit but it would be like a graceful puke and it was not like that. It was, hell. It’s all I’ve ever wanted was to be a Mom. Then […]

Transgender Pregnancy : Intro To Our Queer Life – My Fiance Is A Pregnant Man

hey guys how’s it going my name is Sean a lot of people also know me as buck I am queer and I’m here to make it clear the reason why I bet you guys are here; I started my new YouTube channel it’s because I feel as though that it’s something that I could […]

WEEK 40: YOU MADE IT! | Preggo Nancy | Scary Mommy

– We’ve made it ladies. (chuckles) Week 40 is here in all of its glory. (upbeat instrumental music) I cannot believe the baby is gonna be here any day. (laughing) (grunting) Weighting in up between six and nine pounds and between 19 and 22 inches, this baby is the size of, a baby! Now, if […]


I’m on a mission they’re gonna massage your foot and they’re gonna hit the exact right spot and the baby’s gonna fly out castor oil I’m doing this I’m gonna do it trying to get your little brother out if I take the castor oil how long will it take for me to go into […]

27 Weeks Pregnant | What To Expect

(cheerful music) – This week marks the end of the second trimester, which means you’re two thirds of the way there, mama. But you’re not the only one who’s come a long way. Your baby has, too. Now tipping the scales at over two pounds, your wonderful work in progress has doubled in weight in […]


have to do the first walk [Music] [Music] she can walk [Music] no did they get free three hours ago [Music] okay so it’s 855 and it’s been about five o’clock this one we had him yeah yeah ours yeah he’s over there in the little warmer I’m just hoping for like 20 minutes right […]

WEEK 19: The “WTF is Up With My Skin” Phase | Preggo Nancy | Scary Mommy

– It’s like, what the fetus is up with my skin? My estrogen levels are off the charts and I’m getting zits like I’m 12. Actually, I like to call them my red badges of courage in my pits, tits, and bits. I thank you! (upbeat, playful music) Yeah, my estrogen levels are making my […]

WEEK 5: You’re Pregnant. Hooray! | Preggo Nancy | Scary Mommy

– Oh, I’m freaking out. (gasps) Well, that explains some things. I’m pregnant. (upbeat, rhythmic music) I mean I’ve been so tired lately. I don’t even know if I can even finish this glass of wine. Oh my God! I can’t have this anymore! I have to watch what I eat now. Sunny side up […]

26 Weeks Pregnant | What To Expect

(calming upbeat music) – At two pounds and nine inches long, your little nestling is having an eye opening week. Until now, his fetal eyes were under wraps, quietly developing beneath fused eyelids, but now it’s time for the big reveal, as his eentsy optic orbs open and blink. Of course, these newbie peepers are […]

32 Weeks Pregnant | What To Expect

(upbeat music) – At about four pounds and 16 to 19 inches long, your baby is curled up in, well, the fetal position. After all, there’s not much room left at this particular inn. Not to worry, though. She’s totally comfy in there even if you’re not quite comfy out here. As your baby hunkers […]