Woman Learns She Has ‘Heart-Shaped Uterus’ After Delivering Stillborn Son: ‘It Seemed So Cruel’ – Ne

 Kailey and Ben Clymer were ecstatic when they learned in 2017 that Kailey was pregnant with their first child But their joy turned to mourning when the baby boy, Cayden, was stillborn on July 7, 2017 — at just 25 weeks  The death proved to be the start of an emotional journey for the couple. […]

Birth of Krishna – Sri Krishna In English – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

Once upon a time, there lived a king named Ukrasena. Ukrasena had a son, Kamsa, who was the Crown Prince of Mathura. Ha Ha Ha… Haa… He was a hard-hearted, merciless and cruel man. Aah… Aah… Aah… Aah… Aah… Everyone in Mathura was scared of his cruel and wicked nature. But there was one person, […]


hi everyone Shawna here glad to have you guys back I hope you all had a chance to watch my get to know me video last time my last video might get to know me I’m today I’m gonna go ahead and go over some subchorionic bleeding that I had throughout my pregnancy I want […]

“I Was a Black Market Baby” | Taken At Birth

[MUSIC PLAYING] How, for nearly two decades, does a doctor get away with illegally selling hundreds of babies out the back door of his clinic? How does that happen? [MUSIC PLAYING] The doctor who illegally sold many of the babies he delivered– This is a small town. You would’ve never thought that something this big […]

Birth of BASIC

– Why is what we did at Dartmouth 50 years ago so great? Well… Let me think about it a second. Computing was coming into its own. But in all of the other projects that were undertaken by industry and by universities, the target was research and development of computing ideas and so forth. Whereas, […]

‘Bird mummy’ mystery – solved

There is the cartonage that’s decorated to look like a bird and they would expect it to be a bird. But then when they were able to cut into the actual mummy through virtually unwrapping it so to speak, they’re able to see that that’s certainly no bird. That’s a human fetus. What was very […]

The fetus can die | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo English

Alright, everyone. We’re back and ready to welcome our next case of the day with this quote by Spanish writer Francisco de Quevedo. It reads, “No one offers as much as those who never fulfill their promises.” Keep that in mind next time you’re conducting a transaction. “No one offers as much as those who […]

My Birth Story

go take a prayer… go take a prayer… go take a prayer! wake up! [ Natural Induction ] [ 1. Up and Down the stairs ] [ Natural Induction ] [ 2. Pineapple consumption ] [ Natural Induction ] [ 3. Prenatal Yoga with @jamilatus.sadiyah ] [ Natural Induction [ 4. Exercises with a Birthball […]

The Tragic Real Life Story Of Sylvester Stallone Is Just Plain Sad

Is there a greater underdog story than that of Rocky Balboa? Well, it turns out art only sort of imitates life, because the creator and star of the storied Rocky franchise had an arguably way rougher origin story than his titular character. This is Sylvester Stallone’s tragic real-life story. Tough childhood Sylvester Stallone’s curled lip […]

The Birth of Jesus Christ I Christmas Stories I Children’s Bible Stories | Holy Tales Bible Stories

Hello my name is Tubby, I live here in this wonderful library and I love to eat books. I live here with my friends Gumbo and Freckles. “Gumbo, Freckles come out come out wherever you are” Over there on that Great Book is Grand Old Holy. She is really old and wise And tells us […]