Newborn Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers for Babies with Sensitive Skin

One big surprise was how important diapers were. My little guy did not like being wet. It made his skin more sensitive, and he’d get very fussy. So keeping him dry was really important. Pampers worked really well for us. Their newborn diapers were super absorbent, removing the wetness and locking it away from his […]

Living with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) #AlcoholStories

My name is Bobby. I’m 34. I wanted to share my story because there’s a huge stigma surrounding FASD, the causes and effects. I was about 16 or 17. I was actually… kind of relieved a little bit, actually. growing up, I knew there was something different about me because I was in the speech […]

Donkey Mom Is SO Excited To See Her Baby Again | The Dodo Reunited

Colonel Sanders had, like, really bushy hair. He was really cute and really tiny. He was rescued along with his mother, Mary Poppins. The people that rescued him couldn’t keep him. They just did it ’cause they felt bad. I was told that Mary Poppins was leaving to go to another rescue. But when I […]

EQM – “Eu estava lá para resolver uma situação” | NDE – “I was there to solve a situation”

Welcome to the channel “After all, what are we?” Maria Sonia, 32 years old had a daughter of 10 when she got pregnant again. The pregnancy was super quiet, but at the time of childbirth things got complicated and she had an NDE. And it was during this NDE that she realized something was going […]

Young mum’s heartache after losing her unborn son at 31-weeks pregnant

  A mum has shared her heartache after losing her unborn son at 31-weeks pregnant when he stopped moving in the womb  Chloe Holland, 21, said she knew instinctively something was terribly wrong when she couldn’t feel Parker Ohmes for four days   She eventually went to hospital but was devastated to learn the baby […]

Christina’s Fetal Liver Tumor Story: Look at Her Now

>>I had a molar pregnancy, which majority of times ends up in miscarriage. I had cysts throughout my placenta. And late in my pregnancy the hospital did a routine level two ultrasound and they noticed a cyst in Christina’s liver. We were told to see Dr. Adzick over at Children’s Hospital. He was a pioneer […]

10 Brutal Realities of Life in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages lasted from the fall of Rome in 486 AD through to the middle of the 15th century. Only around 300 million people populated the entire world, and for the vast majority life was short, brutal, and often brought to a premature end through violent death or infectious disease. This list looks at […]

A Mother’s Perspective | Girija Retells Her Daughter’s Normal Delivery Experience | Sitaram Bhartia

My daughter was pregnant and she was 38 weeks at the time. There were certain health issues that were not addressed by our initial hospital. On a Friday night, she searched for a hospital and next morning, she tells me that we have to visit Sitaram Bhartia. I was apprehensive and scared as her mother. […]

How to care for your newborn baby

[MUSIC PLAYING] I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in those first few weeks at home with my newborn. Overwhelming unconditional love. The intensity of emotion was more than I expected. But as intimidating as a whole journey seemed, instinct kicked in and being a parent quickly became the most natural thing in the world. […]

Moms Share Their Birthing Stories

– I think pregnancy is a lot more powerful than we’re lead to believe. – So, when your baby’s born, they turn face down to come out. My baby did not turn face down. So he was, they call them “stargazers”. He was just face up, and not doing the turn to come out. I […]