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Pregnancy With A Disability

Being pregnant for the first time may seem very daunting. Being pregnant for the first time with a disability may seem very overwhelming and challenging. I’m Gem, and I am a disability lifestyle blogger on a channel called Wheels No Heels, and today I’m going to be sharing with you my story of pregnancy and […]

Emotional Labor and Delivery Vlog (2018) Huge Scare! Natural Water Birth To C-Section

You Okay guys, so it is happening we are Getting ready to go down to the burst Center Lisa is changing I will not say I will not show you her right now, but she is having contractions a Lot who actually goes when we get in the car. We’ll update you guys again, maybe […]


If no baby was coming you had no business being down there. You were pushing like it was going to come. You guys want to know the truth about what it’s like after you have a baby. I want to first thank everybody who has been following us this whole journey. I feel like we […]

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How To Make a Birth Plan

So what is a birth plan? Ultimately, it is a record of what you would like to happen during your labour. It could be that you would like a water birth or to give birth standing up, or it could be a preference of what pain relief you would like to have. It’s nice to […]


(Alarm sound) (Music) all right guys it is time it’s time it’s finally here it is 5:30 a.m. Monday morning January 28th we’re about to have a baby. We are about to go meet our son you guys, this is insane We are so excited I’m so nervous we thought we were going into the […]