Nursing Care After Delivery | Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers – Belleville and Shiloh, IL

Nursing Care After Delivery Stacy Mauch How do nurses care for babies right after delivery? So right after delivery we encourage skin-to-skin with mom. So as long as baby is crying when we come out, we put baby immediately skin to skin and leave baby there for the immediate hour or first two hours after […]

The Importance of a Birth Plan

>How important is it to have a birth plan? >Well there’s different types of birth plans there are some people they go to the internet and search for certain things, and google it and decide which birth plans they want to do. But I think the most important birth plan is the discussion that you […]

Why it costs so much to have a baby in the US

Childbirth is the primary reason people are hospitalized in America. And to get an idea of what it actually costs, ,we called up several hospitals to see if they’d tell us. A couple of them weren’t willing to provide any information.* Others actually had prices and estimates.* But the thing is, none of them would […]

Baby’s Head Decapitated During Botched Delivery; NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

A baby’s head is decapitated during the course of delivery. Would you like to learn what happened? Come join me as I share with you this horrific story, coming out of Missouri. Hi. I’m Gerry Oginski. I’m a New York medical malpractice and personal injury trial attorney practicing law here in the state of New […]

Routine Vaginal Delivery: What to Expect

(lively music) – Getting ready for labor is exciting and can be intimidating. By learning what to expect, you’ll feel more empowered during your experience. Here at UC San Diego you will labor in the same private room that you’ll deliver in. You may choose who you would like to stay with you during your […]