San Jose OBGYN Baby Delivery Doctor Dr. Tae W. Noh M.D. FACOG | 408-998-8412

Dr. Noh is a San Jose OBGYN who has contributed over 10 years to teaching other Bay Area OBGYNs. He has been in the South Bay for 25 years, and provides the best medical services for you. Compared with large group hopsitals, where you will local have a unknown doctor or resident perform you delivery, […]

Baby Steps: 4D Ultrasound

You’re about to be amazed. Thanks to the latest imaging technology we’ll be peeking inside the womb to see how babies grow during the last seven months before birth, and how they keep themselves busy in the meantime. Now let’s see how far our new little person has come in just eight weeks. The face […]

Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Chest

BRYAN VIETZ: The heart was not in the right place. Is there anything that they can even do to fix it? BRYAN VIETZ: We got married six years ago on a beach in North Carolina. Yeah, when we found out that we were pregnant, we were very excited. CAITLIN: Yeah. COMM: At a routine 20-week […]

Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition – Second trimester of pregnancy must haves!

Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition As you enter into your second trimester, your nutrition needs are going to change a bit. By now you’ve likely gotten any sugar and caffeine addictions under control. By now morning sickness should be easing. However, now you’ll face new challenges. Let’s look at the main ones you’ll face in your […]

Expectations of Labor

Let’s talk about what to expect when you’re in labor all right we mentioned it just a little bit we started this show whether you push or the c-section so how do you prepare a mom to say okay this is this is what you’re gonna be looking at, Joana?>Sure well that all depends on […]

How Can Childbirth Be Easier? | Darwin, MD #2

A woman who is in her eighth week of pregnancy sees her family medicine doctor for her first-ever prenatal visit. She and her partner spent months trying to conceive. Now, she is excited but stressed. Her sister successfully gave birth at home using the water birth method. Meanwhile, her best friend chose to have a […]


here’s just the quick and dirty he can’t tolerate contractions you can’t have a vaginal delivery. You need contractions so you know you are progressing I just hurt. ok yeah (heartbeat) The heart rate looks great, he’ll be okay. If it’s a vaginal delivery he’s going to put a tube in your back so that […]

38 Weeks Pregnancy Update ⎮ ASL Stew Life

Hello, I’m Jill. This is ASL Stew Life! (cat meow) ♪deck the halls♪ So, 38 weeks pregnancy update. Today I’m 38 weeks and 4 days so it’s a little bit late, sorry. I was trying to film over the weekend, but then a lot was going on and I forgot to be totally honest. But […]

Springfield Pregnancy Care Center Walk Through Video

Welcome to this walk through of the Springfield Pregnancy Care Center. There are three aspects of our client services that we want everyone to know about. That our services are free, confidential and professional. At the center we provide pregnancy tests, limited ultrasound, and educational resources to clients facing an unplanned pregnancy. The Center is […]

Pregnancy Update | 39.5 Weeks | Inducing Labor | Tahiti Rey

Hi guys so I am doing my 39 week update from my bathroom because A few reasons they don’t feel like setting up my other camera, and there’s good lighting in here So I wanted to do a 39 week update with you guys just to let you know the status I did not think […]