Expectations of Labor

Let’s talk about what to expect when you’re in labor all right we mentioned it just a little bit we started this show whether you push or the c-section so how do you prepare a mom to say okay this is this is what you’re gonna be looking at, Joana?>Sure well that all depends on […]

#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Babies, Babies Everywhere, Part 1

Hi, I’m Kristen Bell. You might remember me from the movie Pootie Tang. Speaking of pootie tang, I’m here today in a labor and delivery room. Because what’s more beautiful than bringing a brand new slimy, squished up little person into the world? Nothing. That was rhetorical. I’ve done it twice, so I feel pretty […]

Unerwartete Zwillings-Hausgeburt / Unexpected twin homebirth

Now that sounds like it’s pushing already. Are you okay, Andrea? It’s pushing, isn’t it? Yes, I can hear it. Don’t you want to come out here? Or should I come to you? You can come in! Better have a look, it sounds like … Maybe you should better get off the toilet. We don’t […]

The Brown’s Story – A Special Twin Delivery – Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

(soft music) – I’m Trey. – And I’m Carter. – And this is Coby. – This is Camden. – [Trey] And we’re parents of twins. – [Carter] And this is our story. On February, when we knew we’re about to start trying, we actually, at church, went up to communion, and lit a candle for […]


In my first pregnancy I had a strong feeling that I was pregnant with twins I wanted to make this story time video for any of you who may think that you’re pregnant with twins or for my subscribers Who are interested in my twin pregnancy journey, But just can’t bear to watch my haphazard […]

Conjoined Twins Now Independent Toddlers | Cincinnati Childrens

[Music] The odds were stacked against Misty and Curtis Oglesby when they learned they were having twins Their babies weren’t just any twins they were conjoined at the chest and doctors gave the twins only a 5 to 25 percent chance of survival When we found out we’re having twins and that they were conjoined […]

Shaun T & Scott Blokker after 12 pregnancy attempts with 5 Surrogates Have Twin Boys | We Are Family

– I remember going to the doctor’s office, and we went in his office and he said, “For some people, this type of journey with surrogacy, and just this whole way of having children, sometimes it happens really fast, and sometimes it happens really slow.” I just was like, “Okay, one or two times I […]


(Doc) Keep the doors open please … (Doc) So that everyone can pass easily when necessary (Doc to Photographer) Do you have a clear view? (Doc to Photographer) You can stand over here. (Doc) Ok there is the baby’s head. Can you see it? (Doc) Not the avocado(?) but the white part! (Mom) Ooh, yes.. […]

Normal Delivery vs Cesarean : Deepti’s VBAC Experience

I’m a mother of twins who are 3 years old, and uh, a new mother of a 3 month old baby. When I had my twins, I had a cesarean. There was a stark difference between a normal delivery and a cesarean. Actually as soon as he was born, within a few hours I felt, […]

Weird Pregnancy Facts

*Acoustic Jam* *Alarm Clock Ring* *Baby Laugh* *Sniffing*