One Hot Minute: Newborn Onbuhimo

So before we get started I’m going to make sure I adjust out my shoulder straps just far enough so that I don’t have to do too much adjusting for my tiny newborn baby. then I’m going to put the carrier on my body Adjusting in the seat as I need for the size of […]

Funny Twin Babies Laughing and Playing Together Compilation – Cute Baby Videos

Give your brother Hug wow Give your brother Hug Give Hug Give Hug Joshi That is Good Boy Can you dance Can you dance Joshi Give your brother another hug Give Hug that’s my boy ohh

Moms Share Their Birthing Stories

– I think pregnancy is a lot more powerful than we’re lead to believe. – So, when your baby’s born, they turn face down to come out. My baby did not turn face down. So he was, they call them “stargazers”. He was just face up, and not doing the turn to come out. I […]

Colorado Fetal Care Center Saves Twins’ Lives

(music) This is the Miller family from Provo, Utah. We are the Millers. I’m Griffen Miller, and this is Carly Miller. And this here is Coco and this is Scout. (Carly) They’re wonderful. They have brought us so much joy and happiness, and we really couldn’t imagine life without them. Not long after having a […]

Separated At Birth 33 Years Ago, Identical Twins Meet For The First Time | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Pregnant woman discovers she has two vaginas and two wombs during ultrasound

 A woman has discovered she has two cervixes and two wombs after an ultrasound scan revealed a baby in each sac   that caused her to faint, vomit and unable to walk on some occasions.  Following a succession of visits to the GP, Katie’s discomfort was dismissed as acute period pains and she was advised […]