Cave Story Walkthrough Part 2: Fetus Passage

Fun fact: I used this music in my trailer. ๐Ÿ™‚

George W. Bush Wrong About Fetus Story, Pressure to Investigate for Torture

bjbj Before we go to break, let’s talk about George W. Bush. Remember, Louis, when we heard from George W. Bush about the fetus in a jar, not the Metallica song, “Whiskey in the Jar,” which was originally, actually that’s a cover, it’s not Metallica, I forget who originally did that song. Fetus in the […]

โ€˜Are You Pregnant?โ€™ Dr. Phil Asks Teen Whose Parents Claim She Showed Them A Positive Pregnancy Tโ€ฆ

Local governments trying to increase birth rates to prevent communities from disappearing

research by the Korea employment information service shows about 90 out of 228 districts here in South Korea face the real risk of disappearing completely within the next three decades due in large part to the nation’s chronically low birth rate Hong Yi reports South Korea’s birthrate continues to drop and is a major concern […]

No. of births in S. Korea falls to 26,100 in April: Statistics Korea

South Korea’s birthrate fell again in April,… marking its lowest-ever level amid a decreasing number of marriages. The country’s statistics agency also said migration within the country declined in May. Yoon Jung-min has details. The number of newborns per month hit its lowest level on record in April amid concerns about Korea’s shrinking population. According […]

Teen Is Asked To Take Pregnancy Test โ€“ See What Happens And The Results

Andy Cohen’s Son Has ‘First Play Date’ with Ryan Serhant’s Daughter: ‘Say Hi to Your Boyfriend!’

 He may be only 8 months old, but Benjamin Allen‘s social calendar is already filling up!  Andy Cohen‘s baby boy got together with Ryan Serhant‘s daughter Zena, also 8 months, for a bonding session over the weekend where the babies played together while surrounded by their dads and Zena’s mom Emilia Bechrakis Serhant  In a […]

Free influenza vaccines available for children, seniors and pregnant women

time now for our live for noon first segment where we focus on information useful for your everyday life now children’s senior citizens and pregnant women here in South Korea will be able to get influenza vaccines for free starting today the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says children aged 12 or younger […]

Young giving up on marriage and childbirth due to lack of ‘decent’ jobs

a group of experts has looked into the problem of the low birthrate and low number of marriages here in Korea and they have found that the problem is not because young people don’t want to get married and have kids but because life is too hard on them our whom you has more people […]