Carpenter Ants (Camponotus) | AntsCanada Tutorial

They’re huge! They’re found everywhere. They come in different shapes and sizes The workers are polymorphic [they vary in size] with huge super majors down to small miners. Most people in the world are seeking ways to eradicate them because they’re notorious for the structural damage they caused in homes and buildings But for us […]

What to Expect in a C-Section | Labor & Delivery | Parents

A C-Section is surgical delivery of the baby. It lasts about 45 minutes. So once its been decided that you’re having a C-Section. The first thing is to make sure that you have adequate pain control. If you already have an epidural, you’ll be given extra medication through the same epidural to make you even […]

Clinical Reproductive Anatomy – Cervix – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

So next I’d like to move onto the cervix, so what we’re looking at here, is the cervix bulging into the end of the vagina. So the portion of the cervix projecting into the vagina is known as the ectocervix, and I’ve outlined this in blue. And then you’ve got the bit which lines the […]

Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition – Second trimester of pregnancy must haves!

Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition As you enter into your second trimester, your nutrition needs are going to change a bit. By now you’ve likely gotten any sugar and caffeine addictions under control. By now morning sickness should be easing. However, now you’ll face new challenges. Let’s look at the main ones you’ll face in your […]

Birth Stories Unmedicated Childbirth | Parents

When I went to the doctor for my checkup to see if everything was going okay or if they had to induce me, I went in and they told me I was 4 cm dilated and had a contraction that I didn’t know. I was due on July 31st and nothing was happening. So, I […]

Packing Your Hospital Bag | Mothercare Pregnancy Advice

Your due date is just around the corner, so you are probably thinking about what to pack for your stay in hospital. Aim to have your bag packed by the time you reach 34 weeks, just in case your baby makes an unexpected early arrival. What you pack is really down to you, you’ll need […]

OB CPT Code Question — VBAC and Cesarean Delivery

Coding Certification- Certified Coder So this is an OB question and when I teach this, I say in class, ìHow many ways are there to deliver a baby?î and most people will say, ìWell, two: vaginally and cesarian.î And coding-wise, thereís actually 4 ways. Thereís vaginal, cesarean and Boydís going, ìWhat?î And thereís VBAC which […]

TAKI TAKI – DJ Snake, Cardi B, Ozuna & Selena Gomez Dance | Matt Steffanina & Chachi

INTRO INTRO INTRO INTRO INTRO He say he wanna touch it, and tease it, and squeeze it Well my piggy bank is hungry my N*gg* you need to feed it If the text ain’t freaky, I don’t wanna read it, and just to let you know this punani is undefeated Ay. El booty sobresale de […]