2 Years of Infertility Summary | PCOS | Pregnancy & Miscarriage | Infertility Journey [CC]

And all of you are looking at me going, “Like of course!” Hello and welcome ladies! Welcome back, if you’re one of my wonderful subscribers And hello and welcome if you were new here. My name is Jordan also known as JAKS and this is my channel where I share with you my story to […]

You had an early miscarriage! TTC tips for your next pregnancy

At InfertilityTV, we get lots of questions from you the viewers. A common question we get is, what to do after an early miscarriage. The first thing we recommend? DON’T PANIC!! For what to do next stay tuned. It turns out that early miscarriages are extremely common. The majority of women will have at least […]


so before I got pregnant with my son I did experience two chemical pregnancies or early miscarriages and I just felt like I really wanted to share the details on that with you guys Hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m so happy to have you here today this setup the style of this […]