Tips for Traveling Pregnant | Q&A

Don’t let anybody, anyone, because they’re gonna be tons of people, I get it pretty much every day tell you that you cannot travel with a baby or you can’t travel and be pregnant. That is absolute bullshit. Let’s talk about traveling while you’re pregnant. Ladies who are pregnant out there, ladies were thinking about […]

5 HORRIFYING Realities Of Daily Life In Historical Times

History has amazing highlights and the civilizations that helped build the world we know of today have a lot to take credit for. From the monolithic pyramids at Giza to the brilliant and provocative artworks of the Renaissance, you would think that living in any of the centuries when mankind was reaching for the stars […]

Updated Interim Zika Clinical Guidance for Reproductive Age Women and Men

Welcome and thank you for standing by. At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode. During the question and answer session please press Star 1 and record your name as prompted. Today’s conference is being recorded if you have any objections you may disconnect at this time. I would now like to turn […]

Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper

Natalia this is natalia this is Alexandra we’re two filmmakers living in Brooklyn to live in this expensive city we’ve both had many different jobs and worn many different hats thank you I started thinking about the most stigmatized mysterious and hardest jobs that women do to get by what would it be like to […]

Counting Calories with a Ballerina

[Music] when I’m dancing ballet I’m completely mentally consumed in it it requires so much focus it’s mentally and physically consuming but I think that’s really part of what I love about it that you’re completely in the zone so am i an athlete yes but the athleticism is a means to an end for […]

Recovering at the hospital

♪ Welcome to Vlogmass ♪ ♪ Where I vlog everyday ♪ ♪ It’ll probably be boring ♪ ♪ But I hope you’ll stay ♪ Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate! I am in so much pain but I’m so happy. I’m so so so happy. He’s such a sweetie, I love him so much. I’m […]

TRAVEL TIPS: 16 Tips for Surviving Long Flights (While Pregnant)

(lively music) – Now, if you are a traveler like me and you’re pregnant, very pregnant like me, this video is definitely for you. (upbeat music) Hey, I’m Kristen Sarah and this is Hopscotch the Globe. If you’re new to this channel and you love to travel, you wanna know how to travel cheaper, easier, […]

Comforting A Dying Rabbit – A Documentary

What’s wrong there little Buddy? Hey little guy You Okay? Not going to hurt you Want some water or something? Heeey… Just a little guy You sick or you just scared? Huh? Little baby Appalachian Cottontail Your not the one-eyed guy You OK little Buddy? You got those little black-tipped ears Hey little fella You […]

Most Embarrassing Pregnant Mistake

– If anybody asks, we’re at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. – It’s Vlogmas, Vlogmas, and it’s time to celebrate. (thud) (giggling) Vlogmas. Good morning everyone, today we are driving to Las Vegas, are you guys excited about Las Vegas? – Yeah! – [Christopher] Are you excited about Las Vegas? – Yes! – […]