DaddyFit – The Workout with Baby

This is DaddyFit. A workout for daddies … with a fitness device that grows along with you … and makes you happy. The full-body-workout consists of 12 simple exercises like … the Smoochy-Push-Ups … …Daddy Squats … or Step by Step, uuh baby. But DaddyFit not only makes daddies stronger. Every single exercise, … the […]

ICD-9 Diagnosis Codes for Twin Pregnancy: Delivery & Modifiers

Alicia: Okay, Rahul had asked a question about twin pregnancy. It’s not really covered in detail on the Blitz videos but he wanted a little more guidance on it and says, “Can you please guide about pertaining to delivery and modifiers?” So what we worked up here, let’s see. Okay, we had gotten some information […]

Examination of Vaginal Wet Preps (Wet Mount) Training Video

music It’s a typical clinic day. A patient has noticed some itching, or maybe an unpleasant vaginal odor. During her exam, the clinician will check vaginal pH, examine any discharge that’s present, and collect a sample. Then, it’s on to the microscope. music This is where you’ll gather more specific information about what’s causing those […]


hey guys it’s Ro i’m hanging out with my friend Justine today hi we are hanging out with our two pups as well over here we’ve got little cookie and this is maddy He is very sleepy he’s been running around all day with cookie yeah they have been playing all day And maddys he’s […]

6 Things Your Cat is Saying to You

Talking about a little miscommunication, I want to go over some real basic cat body language that you probably said, oh he means this. And it is completely in left field. The first one, Halloween cat, right? You’ve seen it before. Cat with arched back, tail up in the air, and making themselves totally puffed […]

The Try Guys Try American Ninja Warrior

– [Voiceover] We are kicking off season seven of American Ninja Warrior, and we promise to bring you some of the biggest stars on the planet, and these guys, the Try Guys from Buzzfeed. – I’m Matt Iseman, alongside former NFL defensive end Akbar Gbajabiamila. – [Akbar] Look, if you’ve got the name Try Guys […]

The Try Guys Get Kidnapped

[Voice over] Your only question should be if you’re gonna live or die. [Kidnapper] Sit down. Where do we find Ariel and Wesley? [Ned] Oh, come on– [Kidnapper] First, I wanna know if you’ve ever been electrocuted. [Ned] Ah- okay, okay! [Kidnapper] Things are going to go bad for you real bad. [Zach, yelping] Oh, […]

I Tried A Diet And Fitness Plan Based On My DNA

– Every single body is different. If something doesn’t work for you, you can’t get caught up in this idea of I’m broken. (lighthearted music) I have always had struggles with my weight for as long as I can remember, and probably as long as I will be alive. (laughs) Growing up, I went through […]