Tens Machine | Enduring The Pain Of Childbirth

tens machine challenge it’s time to go one-on-one with the postman… I’m Ry the guy who today unfortunately broke my best friend Chris’s phone so as a good friend that I am i’ma do the forfeit for an unfortunate incident earlier so this is unfortunately the forfeit I’d I love you apparently this is like […]


We got it Yeah, i know we got it baby Hello guys were back with another video Hey Guys what’s up guys Team Dee in the building about to prank Sam No, you’re not. We’re not here for that. I’ll be pranking Sam every Hey guys, we’re back with another video video video video video […]

A Pregnant Man?!? What?? – Ep 3 Almost Ready

Morning 265 of me not sleeping. She just told me that she looked up what hemorrhoids look like. – And it was terrifying. – ( chuckles ) Sometimes it happens after the labor, when you push. Shay: Like, remember when I thought that I was big before? It’s crazy how big you are. They can […]

Weird History of Birth Control and Contraception

Since people have been engaging in sexual activities, they have been hoping to be able to in some way control or prevent pregnancy. This has led to some questionable if not flat out dangerous innovations. From animal poop and intestines, to honey and stones, to mercury and even tortoise shells, from ancient times on people […]

Pelvic Floor Part 1 – The Pelvic Diaphragm – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

This is a tutorial on the pelvic floor. So what we’re looking at here is a superior view into the pelvis. You can see these muscles which make up the pelvic floor at the bottom of the pelvis. So I’ve got the femurs in here because I’ve included the muscles of the walls of the […]

First Trimester Must Haves (Philippines) | Buntis Essentials

Hey guys welcome back to this channel. My name is Misskaykrizz, and I upload videos about Flight Attendant tips Beauty and Travel vlogs, but right now I am pregnant so today I’m going to give you a pregnancy Haul Or what I bought when I found out that I was pregnant and the things that […]

Types of Childbirth and Delivery Methods | Parenting Education | Hungama Kids

Hello dear Parents, We hope all our videos are being helpful and informative to you all. In today’s video, we would be providing useful information too. We will talk about different types of childbirth & delivery methods. Essentially there are 4 main delivery methods, Natural or Vaginal Delivery In this method of delivery, the baby […]

Pelvic Floor Part 2 – Perineal Membrane and Deep Perineal Pouch – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

So in this next part of this tutorial, we’ll be looking at the deep perineal pouch and the perineal membrane. Inferior to the pelvic diaphragm, you’ve got this membrane which is called the perineal membrane. You can see this triangularly-shaped structure here, which I’ve outlined in green. This is a thick fascial structure which attaches […]


Kids what starts out right ends up right you need to start your morning with a bang!! Yeah guys as usual i am blessed this morning with andis cooking ANDAAAA you have done it again big moves yoooo, literally big moves we have my vehicle the g-wagon the Yeti or what makes it better we […]

Postpartum 101: Postpartum Bleeding | CloudMom

Hi everyone Melissa here CloudMom.com talking today about postpartum bleeding, not something that we talk about everyday. This week I’m tackling in a series of 5 vlogs different issues related to postpartum mommy care for moms. Issues that are often embarrassing, hard to talk about, hard to figure out, but they’re a really big part […]