Kids React to their Own Birth Videos!

Large Family Mom Baby #8 Gender Reveal, Natural Birth Plans, Plus Past Birth Stories!

– So I know you guys probably don’t believe me, but we are gonna sit here and chat about the new baby, and I’m gonna tell you the gender of the baby, and hopefully, I’m gonna get into birth plans, birth stories, maybe even why we are a large family, and we’ll just see how […]

Normal Fetal Movement and Growth | Kaiser Permanente

(lighthearted instrumental music)>>Lissa Daimaru-Enoki, MD OB/GYN – Prior to 28 weeks, baby’s movement may not be very predictable, sometimes babies are really active, sometimes they’re resting.>>Eric Warshaw, MD OB/GYN – As your pregnancy progresses, particularly in the third trimester, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on fetal movements.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN – […]

I’M IN LABOR | Tara Henderson

Okay, so I finished my toast and my juice and drink a ton of water and I still don’t feel much better at all. In fact, I feel worse. I’m having like loose stools and I just feel really nauseous. And I know that’s a sign of labor. I have my checkup today my 39 […]

Birth Vlog – Welcome Luke Ballinger!

34th Week PREGNANCY UPDATE | May Stretch marks + Diabetes si Buntis

Hello guys welcome back to my channel this is Ruth and today we are going to do a pregnancy update So this is how my baby looks like right now He so huge! boop! He is big So for my pregnancy app Update I would like to apologize guys it has been so long since […]

Packing Our Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery

– Hello everybody, I am 38 weeks pregnant with our fifth child and I’m finally getting around to packing my hospital bag. I have been a little stressed about this I would have liked to have it packed a week or two ago so I’m glad that I’m doing it now. I’ve just honestly been […]

Labour and Birth – First Thousand Days

Welcome to Bupa’s online masterclass for parents trying to navigate the first thousand days. Today we are talking your little one’s foray into the world, their grand entrance, it’s the main event. If you can’t tell, I’m about two weeks away from being a new mum myself, and just in case I go into early […]

Welcome Duncan Ballinger! (Birth Vlog) Best Mother’s Day Ever!!!

Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Tricep Dips | Secret Saviours

Hi. I’m Natasha and our model Ebony is in her third trimester and we’re going to show you how to do some Secret Tricep Dips. Now, this exercise works your arms. It also helps loosen up your shoulders, because, as your boobs get heavier through pregnancy, everything can get really tight and rounded here. So […]