The Try Guys Recreate Fan Fiction

[Keith] Good evening, sir. [Eugene] Do you know I asked for you Keith? [Keith] No, sir. [In Keith’s head] His eyes took me up and down. He licked his lips Wha-? [Laughter] [Keith] Hey! We’re the Try Guys and today We’re gonna be reading some Fanfiction that you all have written about us and maybe, […]

The Try Guys Test Sleep-Deprived Driving

– [Eugene] 36 hours. Zero sleep. (Keith crying) – [Keith] Ugh, I feel awful! – We are going to be driving while sleep deprived. – Yeah, I’ve, I’ve done that one. Whoopsie doopsie! – [Ned] Now this isn’t something you think of as like an intoxication, right? – Out of all the things we’re testing, […]

We Have A Secret

– Buckle up your little booties, ’cause we’ve got an announcement. You see, for the past several months while we’ve been launching this channel, driving while stoned, hosting the Streamys … – We had a secret. – [Keith] You know how we’ve been sayin’ we have a secret project we can’t tell you about, we’ve […]

Lie Detector Test on REAL Game Master To REVEAL Truth! (New Clues) | Rebecca Zamolo

– We’re about to trap the GMI Game Master so we can take him back to our safe house and do a lie detector test on him. – [Matt] Three, two, one, get him now, go, go, go, go! – I got him, I got, I got him. ‘Kay, take off your mask. – You […]

New Down’s Syndrome test for pregnant women on NHS

A breakthrough in the test for Down’s syndrome could mark a significant change in the way expectant mums are treated during their pregnancy. A new, highly-accurate test for the condition has been given the all-clear to be used for high-risk women on the NHS. It’s incredibly important, it’s a sea change in how we’re going […]

Is 8 Days Past Ovulation Too Early to Take a Pregnancy Test?

Is 8 days past ovulation too early to take a pregnancy test? You can take a pregnancy test at any time. The test is invalid if you take it too soon. Or it gives a false negative because the kid has not taken root, so to speak, and started chemically screaming that it is there. […]

घरेलु नुस्खे से 2 Min पता करें आप Pregnant है या नहीं | How To Check Pregnancy At Home Easily Hindi

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Panorama Test for Mothers: A safe and simple non-invasive test that detects more

Safe and accurate prenatal testing is here. As early as nine weeks into your pregnancy, you can test for Down syndrome and other conditions that might be affecting your fetus by providing a simple blood draw. The Panorama prenatal test was developed by Natera to check for these conditions as early and as accurately as […]

What Do the Lines On Pregnancy Tests Mean?

These lines are to help prevent you from misreading the test and to know if an error has occurred. The main window is the test indicator window. It will typically have two lines. One line indicates that the test is working properly (control line), and the second line is considered the actual pregnancy test line. […]

My First Week As A Father *emotional*

The days have all blended together. There is no day and night. There is only sleep, eat, and poop. For both me and the baby. (Upbeat try guys into music) Pretty noisy in here because our house is still under construction It’s a work in progress. Any one thing would be enough. Uhhh ok I […]