Tens Machine | Enduring The Pain Of Childbirth

tens machine challenge it’s time to go one-on-one with the postman… I’m Ry the guy who today unfortunately broke my best friend Chris’s phone so as a good friend that I am i’ma do the forfeit for an unfortunate incident earlier so this is unfortunately the forfeit I’d I love you apparently this is like […]

The #1 Way to Minimise Labour and Delivery Pain

Ultimately, you experience labour pain because your brain receives messages from your uterus, telling it that the uterine muscles are working, and they’re sore. So… the number one way to minimise labour pain, is to interrupt those pain messages, and you can do it, without an epidural. Keep watching. Four weeks ago, I began this […]

Giving Birth in The Netherlands & Postpartum Care – Jovie’s Home

hi welcome to Jovi’s home. so have you ever wondered what it’s like to give birth in another country? Would you like to hear about some of the interesting and cool aspects of Dutch maternity and post birth care that sounds good to you and come on in kick off your shoes and stay a […]