My Family’s Journey – JesssFam

My name is Jessica and I’m gonna start doing weekly or semi-weekly updates of my pregnancy. I’m 17 years old and I’m 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant today. It’s just a good way to look back on your pregnancy and what you went through. It’s a… GIRL!! Look at that, look at her. She’s […]

I GOT PREGNANT AT 12 BY MY TEACHER – Actually Happened Pregnant – Animated Story

Hi I’m Haley. I’m 15 years old now. it was 2016. me and my new friend Rosie walked into my school. suddenly, I found the most handsome man I have ever seen. that time we were in rush for math class. we attend our math class and that handsome man was our new teacher. he […]

I Was Homeless Pregnant Teen – Actually Happened Pregnant – My Story Animated Pregnancy

Suddenly and without warning! I found myself homeless! I was 15 years old and an important thing, I was pregnant! I had no money, no place to go, and no one could call for help. I was officially homeless. that was all new to me. my mind was poking me, I had no homeless training!! […]


Is that snot or paint I can’t tell What ‘s up fam! She wants no part of that hug Bye Addie Aw look it she’s waving. Bye! Addie say bye! Bye I’m gonna miss you guys. I’ll see you in two weeks. Okay. Look at all your birthday presents. Have a safe drive Are you […]

16 And Pregnant & Lower Rate Of Teen Pregnancy?

there’s absolutely enter supported by gamefly goaded by dot com slash t y t for your free trial membership efficiency because sixteen impregnate and it’s received a lot of criticism strike so the shots began airing in two thousand nine n as you can imagine it’s about teenagers at the age of sixteen who become […]

A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome – Ray Laurence

Translator: tom carter Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar It’s March the 17th in A.D. 73. We’re visiting ancient Rome to watch the Liberalia, an annual festival that celebrates the liberty of Rome’s citizens. We’re looking in at a 17-year-old named Lucius Popidius Secundus. He’s not from a poor family, but he lives in the region known as […]

I Got Pregnant At 13 – Animated Story – Actually Happened Pregnant

when I was 12, I heard from my friend that she had a boyfriend I was like wow, really! she told me, yeah! and she was like she was the happiest girl I ever see. that time I asked her, how they meet? or what about her next plan? ok but that is another story. […]

Pregnancy Test PRANK on Boyfriend!!!

oh my God look at those lines got out fuck wow thank you look at the fine arts now I’d like you bored Alex for the blog the blog but it doesn’t have any bullets in a choice was actually kind of scary with you are going to come to our part because fuck with […]