Home or Hospital? Holding the Space for Human Birth: Saraswathi Vedam at TEDxAmherstCollege

Translator: Gillian Kulik Reviewer: Hélène Vernet Today, I’m going to talk to you, as they said, about birth, but I’m going to talk a little bit more about what we know of ourselves as humans: home birth. Clay Christensen says that disruptive innovation transforms a practice or a product that has commonly been traditionally available […]

The birth of virtual reality as an art form | Chris Milk

When I was a kid, I experienced something so powerful, I spent the rest of my life searching for it, and in all the wrong places. What I experienced wasn’t virtual reality. It was music. And this is where the story begins. That’s me, listening to the Beatles’ “White Album.” And the look on my […]

How banning the African drum gave birth to American music | Chris Johnson | TEDxHudson

Translator: Tijana Mihajlović Reviewer: Denise RQ When I was in graduate school working on the doctorate, I eventually reached the point where you have to decide on a topic for the dissertation. The dissertation, or thesis, or book has to be original and it has to make a contribution to the field, in my case, […]

These 3 Sentences Will Change Your Life | Lisa Nichols | Inspiring Women of Goalcast

Why it matters how we are born | Bettina Breunig | TEDxTUHHSalon

Translator: Екатерина Житомирская Шехтман Reviewer: Carl Luc Campbell I would like you to think about а woman giving birth. What do you see? Do you see а hospital scenario with lots of people suited up in green, a smart doctor, preferably Dempsey or Clooney, urging a woman to keep on pushing? I suppose, you accept […]

How racism harms pregnant women — and what can help | Miriam Zoila Pérez

Most of you can probably relate to what I’m feeling right now. My heart is racing in my chest. My palms are a little bit clammy. I’m sweating. And my breath is a little bit shallow. Now, these familiar sensations are obviously the result of standing up in front of a thousand of you and […]

Rethinking infidelity … a talk for anyone who has ever loved | Esther Perel

Why do we cheat? And why do happy people cheat? And when we say “infidelity,” what exactly do we mean? Is it a hookup, a love story, paid sex, a chat room, a massage with a happy ending? Why do we think that men cheat out of boredom and fear of intimacy, but women cheat […]

A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer

When I was first learning to meditate, the instruction was to simply pay attention to my breath, and when my mind wandered, to bring it back. Sounded simple enough. Yet I’d sit on these silent retreats, sweating through T-shirts in the middle of winter. I’d take naps every chance I got because it was really […]

Loving your lady parts as a path to success, power & global change: Alisa Vitti at TEDxFiDiWomen

Translator: Monika Kapuscinska Reviewer: Reiko Bovee I’ve waited all day to get my hands on you. So, I want to take you back to where I was about 14 years ago. I was a student at Johns Hopkins University, and I was ready to begin my life, I was planning to become OB/GYN. And my […]

Could we speak the language of dolphins? | Denise Herzing

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast Well, now we’re going to the Bahamas to meet a remarkable group of dolphins that I’ve been working with in the wild for the last 28 years. Now I’m interested in dolphins because of their large brains and what they might be doing with all that brainpower in the […]