Baby Girl Birth!

I’m having a baby! We’re headed to the hospital right now. I have been having contractions that are about three and a half minutes apart Last thing about a minute long each, and you’ve been having them for. Oh my goodness. They’re three minutes apart now That’s a minute closer than they were When they […]

49 year old Farm Girl Playing on the River in her boat and not catching any fish while fly fishing.

HOT FISHING Thanks for [watching] the videos be sure to subscribe click the subscribe button down up there or to subscribe button to the channel and feet in flip flops getting an IPA So Jen, and I see what appears to be cotton mouth Wrapped around the stump right there yeah he’s fat nice and […]


– Hey everyone, I’m Colleen. And I’m still pregnant. I just off stage in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m having so much fun on tour. I love it so much. It’s been really hard for me though to keep up with these videos, y’all. So, I’m sorry these have been weird and a total hot mess […]

Having Braxton Hicks Contractions! Week 32 Baby #4

Week 32 And that’s today. I am at week 32 today. I only have eight weeks left How I feel about that, for me at this point, more peace of mind comes with every single passing week. It’s like okay, yeah The babies that bit much bigger. If anything were to happen I’d be that […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro Today, I’m hanging out with my friend, Justine and Hi! and I want to make a video because we just got back from Hawaii. Oh man, we did a FOUR mile kayak and then we hiked for two miles to a waterfall It was incredible! (it was beautiful) We ate a […]

Justin Timberlake Woke Up to a Wet Surprise from His Son

It is May 1st. I do think that’s a coincidence, that you’re here, on May 1st. Yeah, it’s not going to be May anymore. When did that start, that meme? I don’t know, I don’t know. It’s crazy. I love it. I love it too. All right. So Jessica Biel, your beautiful wife– man, she’s […]

The Try Guys Meet Ned’s Baby

– Do you wanna hold him? – No, I don’t. – Okay. *upbeat theme song* – Today the Try Guys are coming over to meet Wes for the first time. – We haven’t seen Ned for three weeks. – I’m so excited. Oh my god. – I don’t know it. I’ve never seen it. I […]