Baby Pandas: Mother Gives Birth to Twin Panda Babies: Amazing Rare Footage At Zoo Atlanta

00:03 COMM: Proud panda mum, Lun Lun, surprised staff at Zoo Atlanta, when she gave birth to not 1, but 2 babies this week. The cubs are the first panda twins to be born in the USA since 1987, shocking and delighting staff at the zoo. 00:20 COMM: After just 1 hour of labour, the […]

16 Bizarre Birth Defects

Black Fly Presents 16 Bizarre Birth Defects Number One: Infant Roona Begum from Tripura India was conceived with Hydrocephalus. Her head developed up to 94 centimeters in circumference and she went through treatment and surgery. Hydrocephalus is an uncommon issue otherwise called “water on the brain.” It is regular in newborn children however it can […]

Weird Pregnancy Facts

*Acoustic Jam* *Alarm Clock Ring* *Baby Laugh* *Sniffing*

Men React To Pregnancy Facts

– The fact that women just walk around and they’re like human making factories, that’s crazy. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] A woman’s uterus can expand about 500 times in size during a pregnancy. – Not even five times, not 50 times, 500 times its normal size. – Wow, uh, that’s a lot. – What happens […]

Praying Mantis Love is Waaay Weirder Than You Think | Deep Look

This episode of Deep Look is brought to you by Curiosity Stream. This mantis is at the top of her game. All summer, she’s been bulking up on grasshoppers and flies. They’re called bordered mantises. Ambush hunters, cloaked by camouflage – some green and some brown. And check out those forelimbs… they’re lined with sharp […]

#DDWN: Missing teen found in her room! * Buy a positive pregnancy test! * Trump’s a chimp! * & MORE!

I’m Darren Marlar and this is your Daily Dose of Weird News! A UK study finds that people lie about how much alcohol that they drink. ***Then again, maybe they just can’t remember. A mom in British Columbia, Canada celebrated back-to-school time one recent day by enjoying some pot. When police pulled her over for […]

The Terrifying Axeman of New Orleans

(eerie music) – [Ryan] This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we cover the Axeman Killer of New Orleans, one of the strangest serial killer cases I’ve ever read. – And you’ve read a lot. – Yeah, I read a lot in my time. – You’re a sicko. – I’m not a sicko, I’m interested in, you […]