My Mom and I Got Pregnant…At the Same Time! #animated #story

Hi I’m Emily I have a crazy but true story to tell you. It’s about becoming a mother but it’s also about becoming a sister. It all happened a couple years ago when I was a junior in high school. That’s the year I met Joshua. He transferred to our school when his family moved […]

Embarrassing Period Story

It was the day of our school trip to Ranthambore, a forest in Rajasthan. Our school is in Mumbai so we had to take a plane to get there, this is the first time we would be going on a plane without our parents, YES! We get into the airport y’know scanner stuff, and then […]

I Wish He Had Told Me Before I Got With Him

So I met this really nice guy on a dating app, and we were talking for months, until I finally said one day, “Oh, do you want to come round for dinner? And he was like, “Oh yeah, sure. I’ll come round for dinner.” So the following day, he comes over and I cook him […]

I Got Caught Vaping At School And Grounded

It was like a couple days before the last day of school so like everyone was pumped says it was almost summer break. My friend he asked me he said can you bring your vape to school and I obviously said yes because he was like one of my best friends. As since the vape […]

16 And Pregnant – Unexpected Student to Teen Mom Changed My Life

When I was 16 years old That is when I had my first boyfriend. His name was Aidan. So I met Aidan in school and we were assigned to be a chemistry lab partners and we just hit it off. And I thought he was a pretty great guy based on everything we talked about. […]