Khloe Kardashian’s Response To Tristan Thompson Cheating Video | Hollywoodlife

– Khloe Kardashian responds to the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal exclusively on her app. But, we got it for you. True Thompson’s birth certificate is finally revealed. Plus did Khloe kick Tristan out of his own home? (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Ali with your Most Necessary story of the day. And Khloe’s baby daddy […]

Khloe Kardashian Rushed To Hospital Due To Pregnancy Complications | Hollywoodlife

– [Ali] Khloe Kardashian was apparently rushed to the hospital due to a pregnancy complication and we have all the details. Kylie Jenner shows off her shockingly huge lips and is almost unrecognizable. Plus, is Chris Brown Kendall Jenner’s new acting coach? (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Ali, with your most necessary story of the […]

Travis Scott Shares ‘Crazy’ Details About Kylie’s Delivery

[APPLAUSE] Hello, Travis. So this is your third time, but this is the first time sitting down to talk to me. And we usually just offer water. But your rider says that– this is what you asked for in the dressing room. Moet champagne, Don Julio tequila, Ciroc apple vodka, and Hennessy. Now, do you […]