Seances – dying, suicide, abortion, stillbirth, miscarriage, heaven, hell, free will, reincarnation.

I would like to share what I have learned from having attended hundreds of physical phenomena and deep trance seances about dying, suicide, abortion, heaven, hell, free will, and reincarnation. I had the privilege of being Rev. Virginia Leach Falls student throughout the 1980’s. The enlarged spirit photography, also called psychic photography, shows Rev. Virginia […]

Words Community Leaders Can Say on Mother’s Day After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, & Loss of a Baby

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“DEAR ADELAIDE” | A Letter For Our Stillborn Daughter

>>HEIDI: It is currently 8:18 am which is the time five years ago that Adelaide was born. [Music: “Passing Time” by Kevin MacLeod]>>HEIDI: Dear Adelaide, today is December 2nd. It’s your fifth birthday. If you were alive, you’d be getting ready to go into kindergarten. But instead, your birth was a silent one. I remember […]

Government to look into covering cost of stillbirth autopsies

Government seeks advice on covering cost of stillbirth autopsies in bid to prevent further deaths  The Federal Government will seek advice on covering the cost of stillbirth autopsies, in a move to assist grief-stricken families and gain better insight into preventing further deaths    The Government has made the decision as part of its response […]

Words of Support From a Couple After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Loss of a Baby or Child

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Heartbroken mum says plastic doll copy of stillborn son is helping her beat PTSD – Daily News

 A YouTube star who was given a doll duplicate of her stillborn son says the plastic creation is helping her to heal  .  Since then she has battled PTSD and anxiety every day.  She received a doll resembling her stillborn baby free of charge from Aliyah’s Reborn World after they saw the tear-jerking video  The […]

My Stillbirth Story | Part 3 | The Week After

All right, hi everybody this is part three of the story of my still birth I will link parts 1 & 2 in the I cards and I will link them also in the description In this part, I’m talking about the week following our loss and what we the steps we had to do […]

Words a Grandparent Can Say On Mothers Day After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Loss of a Baby or Child

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Doctor ‘dropped stillborn baby’ then told mum ‘she could always have more’ – Today News

 A heartbroken woman has revealed how doctors dropped her stillborn baby during delivery – and tried to comfort her by telling her she “could always have more children”   Kristal Amezquita, from Temecula, California, recounted her experience in a devastating personal blog post for Love What Matters  In 2017, she and her partner of three […]