The Entire Star Wars Story Finally Explained

The Star Wars saga has become a sprawling epic, spanning numerous planets, alien races, and massive cosmic battles. In fact, there’s so much stuff happening that sometimes it’s hard to keep it all straight. And that’s why we’re here to explain the entire Star Wars story. The Star Wars story begins during a period of […]

Star Wars Family Tree

And so if he had gotten ahold of Rey, then he would’ve raised her up in the evil, dark side of the force. -Got it. And when I say got it, I mean not really. So I finally saw Star Wars, and I have to admit, I’m just as confused as ever as to who […]

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker – Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian Breakdown and Easter Eggs

welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is going to be my new Star Wars rise of Skywalker video for the Mandalorian in baby Yoda I got a lot of questions about them during my rise of Skywalker videos so we’ll break it down if you’re brand new to the channel be sure to subscribe to […]

The Birth of Leia & Luke Skywalker Scene | Star Wars Revenge of the Sith (2005) Movie Clip

Excuse me, Master Yoda. Obi-Wan Kenobi has made contact. We’ll take her to the medical center. Quickly. Medically, she’s completely healthy. For reasons we can’t explain, we are losing her. – She’s dying? – We don’t know why. She has lost the will to live. We need to operate quickly if we are to save […]

Star Wars Forces of Destiny | An Imperial Feast | Disney

The choices we make, the actions we take, moments both big and small, shape us into forces of destiny. [fireworks] [Ewok language] You think we should let ’em? [laughing] Should let them what? Leia. We were just– Letting the Ewoks cook the enemy. We just got here. Well, were you going to stop them? Of […]