Hello, I’m Andreas. A few days ago I received the information that NASA has published and released photos. When I looked at them, I discovered this in the third or fourth photo: a child’s face in the star system. So that you can see it better or know where I saw it, I have “drawn” […]

Does a Human Fetus Have a Soul?

As human beings, we all have a physical aspect to us, our bodies, and a non-physical aspect that we call a soul. Our soul animates our body, and it’s only separated from our body when we die. Both the body and the soul are essential aspects of what it means to be human. They’re essential […]

The Birth of the Church, Part 1 (Acts 2:1-3)

How wonderful to be together tonight, if only everyone understood how important this particular portion of Scripture is. We don’t pass this way very often. That is through the beginning of the second chapter of Book of Acts. Only once in the last 45 years have we gone through these verses, and here we are […]

EQM no parto / NDE at childbirth

Good afternoon, good morning, good night. I do not know what time you’re watching our video. Today we will know the history of Maria do Carmo … who had an NDE during the birth of her third child. She was there, giving birth, and had a hemorrhagic shock, because of an artery that ruptured. She […]