Woman writes letter about being targeted by parenting ads after stillbirth

Post a photo of a baby on Facebook and you’ll see ads for diapers, toys and more, or purchase a gift for a friend’s new baby and you’ll start getting ads for baby products yourself Users of social media know the drill when it comes to ads. Now one mom is calling out tech companies […]

Elders React to Men Giving Birth

♪ (ragtime music) ♪ (woman screaming and groaning) Oh dear. Oh my god. Having babies? (in video: speaking Dutch) Well, they’ll never experience it. Like you guys will ever know. Ooh. They’re gonna hook these guys up to make them feel pain, huh? (gasps) Awesome! Oh, you guys are in for it! Too corny for […]

Is Instagram revealing my stalkers?

– A lot of us have some wild ideas about how Instagram works and it’s probably because we’re confused why the app’s arranged in certain ways. Like why is one person in my feed first versus someone else? Or, more crucially, why is my crush always at the top of my story viewers? Is it […]

The Try Guys Roast Each Other’s Instagrams

(Ned) I know that the other guys do not like my photos very much, so I’m not looking forward to this. (Keith) Your Instagram does look like that of most teenage girls. (Zach) Yeah, that’s all I wanna be. (Keith) You know, you’re crushing it. (Ned) Can i just get one photo of you without […]

Should The Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery?

Dr: Is there anything you’re seeing on your face that you would like to improve? Eugene: How much time do we have? Keith: I’ve had way more insecurities about my body and physique than my face. Zach: My forehead is a little too big, I don’t like my chin, my jaw is very soft. I […]

9 False Values of the Modern Society That Rule Your Life

What was that one thing you simply couldn’t wait for when you were a kid? My bet would be growing up. Because grown-ups always do exactly what they want, right? Well, no…. In reality, many desires that adults have are dictated by the stereotypes and false values of the society we live in. For example… […]

Managing A Narcissist | Ann Barnes | TEDxCollingwood

Translator: Sally Yang Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Narcissist. It sounds nasty, doesn’t it. Like an open, oozing sore, painful to experience. Social narcissism reflects our current cultural reality. Its growth is an increasing challenge to businesses worldwide. The word ‘narcissism’ stems from Greek mythology. Narcissus, a young hunter and an exceptionally handsome man, one […]

I Wish He Had Told Me Before I Got With Him

So I met this really nice guy on a dating app, and we were talking for months, until I finally said one day, “Oh, do you want to come round for dinner? And he was like, “Oh yeah, sure. I’ll come round for dinner.” So the following day, he comes over and I cook him […]

Big Booty Injections Gave Me A 59 Inch Butt

COURTNEY BARNES: I didn’t know my ass was gonna be so big. COURTNEY BARNES: I’ve had guys pumping gas at the gas station and they are watching me and they drive off with the pump in the car. It’s crazy. COMM: Courtney Barnes has one very attention grabbing asset. COMM: Her unusually large bum. COURTNEY […]

My Mom Forced Me To Make A Pregnancy Test. I Didn’t Want Her To Know!

Hi, guys. My name’s Lisa, I’m 16 and I’m going to tell you something I’m very ashamed of. Recently I had to prove to my mom that I wasn’t pregnant, and because of that, a secret of mine was revealed. I have to say, I’m not used to talking about delicate matters like this. My […]