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#SBbirth: Benefits of skin-to-skin

Skin to skin contact in vaginal birth is now well established as a method of improving many outcomes for the baby and mother. It improves the babies temperature regulation, their chances of getting jaundice, breastfeeding, the contact between the mother and baby, and it’s been shown perhaps to even improve post-natal depression. What we’ve done […]

NSMC Birthplace Overview

Welcome my name is Lisa Cavallaro I’m the nurse director at the North Shore Medical Center Birthplace. This online tool will let you know what to expect when you have your baby here. Our Birthplace offers complete family-focused care through labor, delivery and after you return home. Our board-certified obstetricians, anesthesiologists, experienced nurses, certified nurse […]

Nursing Care After Delivery | Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers – Belleville and Shiloh, IL

Nursing Care After Delivery Stacy Mauch How do nurses care for babies right after delivery? So right after delivery we encourage skin-to-skin with mom. So as long as baby is crying when we come out, we put baby immediately skin to skin and leave baby there for the immediate hour or first two hours after […]

Skin-to-skin C-section promotes health, bonding

Brandon Gill New is about to deliver her second child through a scheduled, medically necessary C-section. While thousands of C-sections are done every year, Brandon will be only the second mother at Sunnybrook to do so using a new technique called Skin On Skin C-section. Traditionally, babies are taken away from the mother to be […]