Is Your House a Baby Death Trap? | Week 36 of Pregnancy

(upbeat music) – Sorry, but all the throw pillows in the world can’t make you comfortable right now. But they can show you how big your baby is with just one month to go. (gasps) About 18 and a half inches and almost six pounds, wow. Don’t be alarmed if you start feeling Braxton Hicks […]

Bye Skinny Jeans!! | Week 34 of Pregnancy

(upbeat music) – Instead of sleeping because who can sleep when your body is basically a baby’s submarine, you might be watching a lot of HGTV and now have a lot of opinions about open concept dining, original hardwood flooring and modern decor like this mid-century modern lamp which is the same size as your […]

What Should I DOULA??? | Week 33 of Pregnancy

(upbeat music) – Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good doggie? (puppy panting and barking) You are. Everyone, meet Debra. Debra is the same size as your 33-week-old baby. Just over 17 inches and four pounds. Unfortunately, that’s where the comparisons stop. Because it’s going to take much longer for you to potty train your […]

You might Literally PEE Yourself | Week 31 of Pregnancy

(light upbeat music) – If you’re one of those people who likes to know and be prepared for everything coming their way, you can certainly watch some videos online of live births. But, you could also watch a video of a goat who’s best friends with a puppy. I mean, to each his own. But […]

How To Pick Your Menstrual Cup Size

With so many menstrual cup choices out there and the conflicting information on sizing guidelines from the brands, it’s hard to know what size menstrual cup you are. * music * That’s where Put A Cup In It comes in and we’re here to help you navigate the very confusing sizing guidelines that are out […]

Maybe Add Steak Sauce to Your Placenta?? | Pregnancy Week by Week | Parents

(upbeat music) – Oui oui, that is the outie belly button you see. Mwah. Things will really start popping around this time in your pregnancy. But the good news is, you’re already 2/3 of the way there. Celebrate with some fancy French soda. That’s not a euphemism for wine. And when you toast, take a […]

What Week 16 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

[Upbeat Music] – I know our grandparents’ generation thinks we’re all wasting our money on avocado toast but how would we know what size our baby is in week 16 if we didn’t buy big, beautiful avocados. That are about 4 and half inches long and 3 and a half ounces. Like this one, I […]

What Week 15 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(upbeat bouncy music) – Can we get some Backstreet Boys up in here? Oh, we can’t? Oh, it’s like a million dollars? Okay, got it. Oh, close enough. Bust out that cassette tape from 1996, because you’re going to need some workout music. Now’s the time to start strengthening your abs and pelvic floor for […]

What Week 6 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(lively music) Why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day? #LIES, #BARF. I’m sorry you feel like garbage. But the good news is your baby is growing by the day. He or she is now the size of a hashtag symbol. Just be aware that when you’re cursing out your morning […]

What Week 24 of Pregnancy is Really Like | Week by Week | Parents

(upbeat music) – Now that you have to carefully dole out the amount of caffeine you allow yourself everyday, why not splurge on a fancy french press? That way, you get the good stuff and you can see how big your baby is at week 24! Almost 12 inches and nearly a pound and a […]