My Boyfriend Got Me Pregnant And Left Me Two Days Before Prom

– My boyfriend and I were popular in high school. I was a cheerleader, he played football. We lived in a small town called Booneville and our life seemed perfect. But then, one thing completely changed my life forever. When I was seventeen, I got pregnant. I perfectly remember that Friday night over Christmas break […]

Se× Chat with Pappu & Papa | Episode 02 | Pregnancy | Se× Education

Hello, I’m your big brother Punit. Come out fast! Mumma, is it a baby boy or a baby girl? Even I don’t know. What would you like? I want a baby girl! – Me too! – Me too! I can’t handle more than two boys. Oh come on, we’re not that bad! Hi Pappu! Mr […]

#13 True or False: You can take a pregnancy test a week after sex

I can take a pregnancy test a week after sex that is going to be false as well so in order to get accurate pregnancy test someone has to wait at least three weeks after the active sex that they’re concerned about three weeks yeah or after miss period ’cause it just takes a while […]

#7 True or False: You can’t get pregnant if you are on your period

you can’t get pregnant if you’re on your period oh that is false I know I know another thing I’m so sorry I’m your reality check today someone can definitely get pregnant still on their period do we know how long sperm last inside the uterus just guys don’t about you know five to seven […]

Does Penis Size Matter?

As the saying goes ‘It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it’ – but does this long standing phrase ring true in the hugely debated topic of penis size? Does your member actually make a difference in attractiveness or ability to pleasure your partner? Interestingly, humans have the largest penis of any […]

Period Sex, Pregnancy, Menstrual Cups! | The Hormone Diaries Q&A + TOUR! | Hannah Witton

– Hi everyone, I’m Hannah Witton, welcome back to my channel. Yes, I am wearing the same dress that I was in my last video. Just in a different colour. I think I have cheese in my cleavage. As I was setting up this equipment my stoma was being real noisy and farty. So we’ll […]

Non-Hormonal Birth Control Options

Non-hormonal birth controls, take two. [SOUND] Hey everyone, it’s me Hallease. I am back with another ClueVoices video, this time we are talking about non-hormonal birth controls. Let me first say that with all of these non-hormonal birth controls, having conversations with the person that you’re intimate with is important. So let’s get the first […]

Surprising Ways You Can Get Pregnant

– Today we’re playing a little game of true or false in – [Both] Can this get you pregnant? (groaning) – Oh my fucking god. What do you guys know about getting pregnant? – Nothing. – I don’t know a whole lot. – I think it’s bananas that women can create life. – Let’s do […]

How Effective is the Pull Out Method (AKA Withdrawal Method)? | Planned Parenthood Video

Withdrawal is when you pull the penis out of the vagina before ejaculating — that’s why it’s also called “pulling out.” Withdrawal keeps sperm out of the vagina so it can’t swim to an egg and cause pregnancy. It can be hard to pull out correctly, so it’s less effective than other types of birth […]