Does a mother’s mental health affect her fetus? (Part 2) — interview with Catherine Monk | VIEWPOINT

Katharine: Hey, everyone. This is part two of our discussion with Dr. Catherine Monk. It picks up right where we left off in part one. Welcome back. What should we think about this? I mean, if a child, a baby, a 2-year old, a 4-year old, a 10-year old has a more or less active […]

The Moon’s Birth May Have Given Earth Ingredients for Life | SciShow News

[ ♪ Intro ] When you look at Earth today, it’s easy to imagine that it formed as a perfect, fertile planet, full of everything it needed to support life. It’s a beautiful, big, wet rock. But scientists are pretty confident that’s not what happened. They’ve known for a long time that, because of Earth’s […]

Cloud Chamber: The Birth of Helium Atoms

[MUSIC PLAYING] So here we are on the last day of the recording for the Christmas Lectures, but I thought I’d take an opportunity to point this out because it’s so beautiful. This is a really stunning cloud chamber, and the tracks that you can see here show just the natural radiation in the atmosphere […]

The Birth of Electron, a Story of Creation (ElectroBOOM101-001)

Hi. Welcome to my new series of videos in which I’ll try to transfer my VAST knowledge of electronics to you, want it or not. Why am I doing this? Because I’m tired of hearing you guys say: ‘Haha. I don’t have a clue what this guy is saying. I’m just here for the hurting. […]

The Evolution of Human Birth

Hey! So, a few weeks ago Bill and Melinda Gates reached out to us about making a collaborative video based on a theme in their annual letter. This is something that they write every year to share their philanthropic goals for the coming months. One of their priorities for 2017 has to do with maternal […]

Abortion Is Less Risky For Women Than Childbirth, But Is Anyone Surprised?

Welcome to Impact Factor, your weekly commentary on a breaking medical study. I’m Dr. F. Perry Wilson. This week, we are not going to put to rest the abortion debate in the US. But we will put to rest one thread of argument that has never been well-supported by data. The argument is that abortion […]

Are We Ready to Edit the Fetal Genome?

This episode of SciShow is brought to you by the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy. [♪ INTRO] Gene therapy is probably one of the most mind-boggling developments in the last few decades of medicine. The fact that we can treat certain diseases by changing someone’s genetic makeup seems like it should be straight […]

Do Fetuses Poop?

The little scar in the middle of your abdomen marks the place where, for about nine glorious months, all the nutrients you needed to grow and develop and survive flowed straight into your bloodstream while you just floated around in a sac of amniotic fluid. But have you ever wondered what was going on with […]

Why Is Childbirth So Difficult? | Darwin, MD #1

Imagine serving as a physician in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a large hospital. Two women arrive on the same day ready to each give birth to their first child. Both are twenty-five and experienced an uneventful pregnancy. They are fit and ready for the experience. Both planned for a vaginal delivery. One did […]

Prenatal Development: What Babies Learn Inside the Womb

Everything starts the day your mum’s egg meets your dad’s sperm. Four weeks later your little brain begins to form. Epidemiologist David Barker says, that whilst developing inside our mother, we are receiving postcards from the outside world. These postcards tell us if this world is dangerous or safe, if food is plentiful or scarce. […]