Why I Never Fertilize My Vegetable Garden and Get Better Results without it

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com. Today we have another exciting episode for you coming at you from your front yard garden. And what we’re going to do today is give you guys my view on fertilizers. So many of you guys know that, you know John, if you plant a garden, you got […]

Newborn – Falling Out (Official Music Video)

The start of aviation Ruined by a day Come the asphyxiation My lung become a clay Never dreamt the consequences Being alive in happy life Now the air is in total shambles Along with my internal strife Bite me out, bite me out, bite me From the despair, from the despondecy Hassle in heart, hassle […]

The first draft of our new song | Fetus and Betus | OUT SOON

*loud clicking and giggling* *clicking slows down* FRESHAVACADO, FRESHAVACADO *still giggling* AH MY CALVE IS ANNOYING HE LIKES SUDO MASS FeTuS HeRe Is YoUr SoLo FRESHAVACADO TACO BELL GUACAMOLE>:DDD *Flails around with guitar and laughs like hyena* FRESHAVACADO FESHAVACADO Alright thanks for the performance you guys i guess *leaves*

6 Things Your Cat is Saying to You

Talking about a little miscommunication, I want to go over some real basic cat body language that you probably said, oh he means this. And it is completely in left field. The first one, Halloween cat, right? You’ve seen it before. Cat with arched back, tail up in the air, and making themselves totally puffed […]

Pregnancy back pain relief | Pelvic Alignment Workout

Rock side to side following 3-9 pattern. Rock forward and back following 12-6 pattern. Clockwise rotation following 12-3-6-9 pattern. Rock following 6-1-6-11 pattern. Rock following 12-5-12-7 pattern. Rock following 5-11 pattern. Rock following 1-7 pattern.