Army dad runs off plane to meet newborn daughter | Militarykind

(jaunty music) – I was in basic training when my wife found out that she was pregnant. I was in AIT throughout the whole entire pregnancy. (jaunty music) My wife, she calls me and she goes, “Hey I think the baby’s coming,” “I think the baby’s coming.” And I’m like, “Oh my God, are you […]

Can YOU Guess That Celebrity’s Baby Photo?

– Dang it, you won again! – I gave you literally one name! – I call a rematch, ’cause I haven’t heard of them! – Ooh! Wow. I don’t like this feeling. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Recently, Caitlyn Jenner posted a picture of Kendall instead of Kylie on Kylie’s birthday. Did you hear […]


– Wassup, crazies! It’s your girl LaToya Forever, with my 28 inch bundles of weave. I’m loving my long weave. Thumbs up for long weave, y’all. Anyways, in today’s video I am going to react to giving birth to my daughter Samia Ali. She’s so cute. She’s two years old. Oh my God, she has […]

She Watched the Live Birth!

Reacting To My Own Birth (ft. Queen Jackie) | Tyler Oakley

– Well hello everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley, and I am here again with the one and only – Jackie! Are you ready? – I’m ready, well my mom has my birth on tape, the day it all began, is it graphic? – Yes. – I’ve never seen it, I’m a little terrified, my […]

Kids React to their Own Birth Videos!

Hot Vit Lon, Fertilized Duck Fetus

Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of Vietnam’s most treasured and infamous culinary cuisines. Ooh yeah, you look so delicious! Can’t wait to just eat you right up! Mmmmm- No I’m just kidding we’re not eating dog today. Today we’re eating Hot Vit Lon! Other countries know this as Balut. In […]


Right first of all that smell is garlic, you are correct. That’s coming from my mouth (Yeah) into your nose. Babe It’s not coming from your mouth. It’s just around you You don’t have to be cruel (like a mist.) with your truth, okay? I was hungry, and I found some garlic infused croutons for […]

Trying My Moms Weird Pregnancy Cravings I AllAroundAudrey

CHILD BIRTH IS BEAUTIFUL!!! | l Retina, Child Birth and Teeth Surgery

*Sneezes!!* *Bldl* *High fives!* Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! I’m Dr. JackSepticeye, and welcome back to my E.R! Are you all ready for a brand new surgery video? I sure am, but first we gotta we gotta a sanitize, okay We gotta get our hand sanitizer. And we gotta kill all that bacteria […]