Worst Plastic Surgery Fails Ever!

Today, we’re going to be looking at plastic surgeries that have gone too far. This is the first person on our list I don’t get it though. Is it a nose job gone wrong her nose looks fine to me Oh how dumb she got her ears lowered. No I’m just kidding clearly her Her […]

Michael Tries Pregnancy Contractions! Labor Pain Simulator for Husband Reaction! / The Beach House

Becca: I have waited for this day for so long. I am pregnant. You can see. Becca: Super preggo! Becca: And I’m just six months pregnant actually, but look, what I got in the mail today. Becca: This is a pregnancy contraction simulator Michael: Now I don’t know what it feels like to have contractions. […]

IDENTICAL TWINS Get Wisdom Teeth REMOVED | How Will the Twins React?

-Hi, guys. This is Bailey. Welcome to the new video where we get out wisdom teeth out. I don’t know why you’re laughing, because this is serious business. I said serious. I just got my wisdom teeth out, and you can watch the video to see Brooklyn. Because she’s never had treatment like this. It’s […]

Whole family pulls off epic baby shower surprise | Humankind

(Soft guitar music) – Me and her were planning my baby shower and I told her that I needed to do it July 13th. Now she got mad and she was like, “Oh, your brother’s not going to be here.” I was like, “Well I have to do it on the 13th. “Like I really […]

Mom Tells Me She’s PREGNANT Prank!!!!! **BACKFIRES**

– Why? – I want you and the baby to never see me again. Ever. – [Mom] Martin, I think it’s on. – [Martin] It should be. Hello. – [Mom] Does that look like it’s on? It’s got that recording thing on there. – [Martin] Yeah . – Martin, just like … You’re not holding […]

The Try Guys Get Photoshopped Like Women

– I am so uncomfortable right now. – Recently we made a video called “Men get Photoshopped “Into Ideal Male Body Types.” – It was a look at how Photoshop affected us as guys. – What we weren’t expecting was this huge response that women have to go through this every single day. – So, […]


Okay, you guys so I took my first urine, or like first morning urine and I put it in a cup, and I’m going to be using the clear blue digital. So we’ll be able to see if it’s like a yes or no, so here we go, we’ll dip it in, and I think […]

Pregnant Vegetable?! – Cartoons

5 lee won the owl 아 5 woo 아 o 아 아 르 [음악] tell you who opera 아 아 아 아 아 아 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 [음악] wr 감상 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 a 으 아 으 아 으 5 [음악] 5 wet [음악] 5p […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro Today, I’m hanging out with my friend, Justine and Hi! and I want to make a video because we just got back from Hawaii. Oh man, we did a FOUR mile kayak and then we hiked for two miles to a waterfall It was incredible! (it was beautiful) We ate a […]


>>There is no what if. *Smacks table* [Captions by Mikee M. at Y Translator] I am pregnant. And it is Jesus.>>What?! Hey, guys, another day. Another crazy on Dr. Phil *When is there not one?* So this girl is 15, and she’s saying she’s pregnant, and the baby is Baby Jesus. Jesus been done and […]