Words Community Leaders Can Say on Mother’s Day After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, & Loss of a Baby

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بالفيديو جنين بعمر 22 أسبوع – Watch the Fetus 22 weeks old

Here the head Here the heart Here the stomac Here the ribs Here the spinal cord and vertebra Here urinary bladder Here the hands This femur 22 weeks and four days Good nutrition Sex of the fetus shows (Male) Thank You

Is a Fetal Human Being a Person?

Some people will tell you that the baby that’s developing inside you is not a person, so let’s look at whether or not that’s true. The science of embryology says that when your baby was conceived, the moment the egg and sperm came together, a new human being was created with his or her own […]

Words of Support From a Couple After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Loss of a Baby or Child

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Seahorse: “If all men got pregnant, it’d be taken more seriously”

This is a film about me having a baby. But what I feel like I’m going through isn’t me having a baby or pregnancy, it’s like a much more fundamental, total loss of myself. So I’m Freddy McConnell and Seahorse is a film about how I became a dad and how as a trans man […]

My Stillbirth Story | Part 3 | The Week After

All right, hi everybody this is part three of the story of my still birth I will link parts 1 & 2 in the I cards and I will link them also in the description In this part, I’m talking about the week following our loss and what we the steps we had to do […]

Words a Grandparent Can Say On Mothers Day After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Loss of a Baby or Child

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What Happens If You Give Birth During A Flight?

Picture this you’re 31,000 feet up in the air then all of a sudden you hear a woman screaming it turns out a pregnant mom has gone into labor what happens next how is the baby delivered what nationality is the baby if it’s in the air well today we’re going to look at all […]

My Birth Story

go take a prayer… go take a prayer… go take a prayer! wake up! [ Natural Induction ] [ 1. Up and Down the stairs ] [ Natural Induction ] [ 2. Pineapple consumption ] [ Natural Induction ] [ 3. Prenatal Yoga with @jamilatus.sadiyah ] [ Natural Induction [ 4. Exercises with a Birthball […]

PREGNANCY & BIRTH IN A WHEELCHAIR♿️ | My Story With Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

hi guys welcome back to my channel wheelsnoheels I’m so excited today because I have been joined by a special guest!! (“awwwww” – Jessica) This is Jessica her channel is amazing it’s a link down below it’s Jessica out of the closet she talks all about her life with a disability lifestyle “yep yep. keeping […]