Pregnant?? – Steven Universe (ANIMATIC)

Rose: Am I pregant? Am I, pragnent? Am I pargant? Am I… Gregnant? Am I pegnate? HELP? Is there a possibly that I’m, pegrent? Am I pregegnent or am I okay? Could I be pregonate? How do I know if I’M prengan? Can I be prrrrregnant? Can ou get…. ~preganté~ Will my get pragnan? What […]

Husband Wears Big Pregnancy Belly – very pregnant for a day

– Today, I am putting my husband, Cory, in a pregnancy belly for 24 hours, so he can get an idea what it really feels like to be pregnant. Let’s get the day started. (laughing) – [Cory] What are you gonna do to me? – I’m just gonna make you be pregnant for awhile, which […]