Transgender Pregnancy : Intro To Our Queer Life – My Fiance Is A Pregnant Man

hey guys how’s it going my name is Sean a lot of people also know me as buck I am queer and I’m here to make it clear the reason why I bet you guys are here; I started my new YouTube channel it’s because I feel as though that it’s something that I could […]

“If all men got pregnant, it’d be taken more seriously” – behind the scenes of Seahorse

This is a film about me having a baby. But what I feel like I’m going through isn’t me having a baby or pregnancy, it’s like a much more fundamental, total loss of myself. So I’m Freddy McConnell and Seahorse is a film about how I became a dad and how as a trans man […]

Labor Pain Simulator While Making Breakfast!

I mean I wish it was more of a constant thing where. Well turn it on massage then or use the other… OHHH! ahahahaha oohhhh! Ok. Whats up! Welcome back to Dude Dad. So, as we know, Heidi is about to give birth in like 2 maybe 3 weeks maybe less. Hopefully not. As my […]

How Pregnancy Shapes The ‘Dad Bod’

When a man and woman love each other very much (and sometimes not) they end up making a baby. And the woman’s body goes through a ton of changes, but then again, so does the man’s! Pregnancy causes a lot of visible (and invisible) changes to mom bods. Mental, physical, hormonal, emotional, and so on… […]

Men Try Pregnancy Bellies for an ENTIRE DAY

pregnancy that’s the thing yes and we tried it and that was not fun no I’m sorry to popular belief pregnancy is not fun what popular belief is that there might be a small minority of people so we were empty bellies but the belly and the weights and everything for a whole day whole […]


– Oh no. – Okay! (group screaming) – What does it say? – Pregnant! – What does that mean guys? – Mommy’s pregnant! – Isn’t there one more test left mom? – Yeah why? – Well, I’ve been kind of feeling like maybe I have a baby in my belly so I think I’m gonna […]

Men Try Pregnancy Belly Cast

Cam: Austin, Austin: Yeah Cam: Have you ever wanted to preserve the majestic-ness that is your midsection for time and all eternity and plaster? Austin: Let’s try that Cam: Yeah This is the thing that people do on the internet; now granted they’re usually pregnant. It’s not just weirdos with big bellies. I’m sure there’s […]

Husband Wears Big Pregnancy Belly – very pregnant for a day

– Today, I am putting my husband, Cory, in a pregnancy belly for 24 hours, so he can get an idea what it really feels like to be pregnant. Let’s get the day started. (laughing) – [Cory] What are you gonna do to me? – I’m just gonna make you be pregnant for awhile, which […]