Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Tricep Dips | Secret Saviours

Hi. I’m Natasha and our model Ebony is in her third trimester and we’re going to show you how to do some Secret Tricep Dips. Now, this exercise works your arms. It also helps loosen up your shoulders, because, as your boobs get heavier through pregnancy, everything can get really tight and rounded here. So […]


Congratulations you’re pregnant! Here’s some agonizing back pain to kill your joy! If you’re already suffering from lower back pain from those loosening ligaments and joints making space for your baby, you’re not alone. I started suffering from it the day before I got my positive pregnancy test and it didn’t let up, until I […]

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout (SAFE PRENATAL STRENGTH TRAINING!!)

Hi, everyone! Trainer Amy Jo here, and today we’re going to do a first trimester workout. Ready to join me? Let’s go! As you guys know I’m working on baby number three. I have two boys, working on the third one. We get to find out soon if it’s a boy, or girl. I’m really […]

Pregnancy Workouts

hey guys I am in my car on my way to the gym and I am taking you with me today I feel like it’s going to be I don’t think it’s gonna be a tough day but I think it’s going to be painful for my muscles no dyskinesia and they were Sherman [Music] […]

Best Stretches For Pregnancy | Stretch Routine During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly special and beautiful time in a woman’s life. Making this a healthy and nourishing experience should be a top priority. A mother’s body & mind can go through many changes during this period, and yoga is one of the best ways to deal with these changes. Hi, I’m nishtha, a certified […]

Tommy’s: Running in pregnancy

Louise: Well, I always feel great after a run you just feel sort of uplifted, and I think if I feel good then that’s got to be good for the baby. I feel really healthy and I want that to translate into healthy pregnancy. Ultimately a healthy birth. But also it de-stresses me. If I’ve […]

Pregnancy Glute Workout | 7 Min Lower Body Prenatal Pilates with Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell: Hey ladies! Tamara here. I have a prenatal glute workout for you today to keep our lower half nice and strong when we carry a baby. So go ahead and grab your mat, and stay tuned! [Music] Tamara: Alright, guys. Go ahead and start on all fours. You’re going to have your hands […]

Pregnancy Week By Week : The Ultimate Check List

Whether you’re trying to conceive, you’ve just found out you’re pregnant or whether you’re in your later stage of pregnancy, you’re going to be overloaded with advice and information! Friendly neighbours, your best friend that’s never been pregnant herself and even random strangers will offer their expert advice! That’s why I am here with you […]