Hey guys and welcome to my channel today I’m going to share with you my seventeen week pregnancy update and if you are new to my channel, I’m Myka Nice to meet you. So in today’s video we are gonna tell the truth. We’re gonna get down to the nitty Gritty, we’re gonna talk about […]

Fertility and Pregnancy: Extra helpings – Ep 1. Part of the ‘Food as Medicine’ online course series

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi. We’re here to discuss food, fertility, and pregnancy, and some of the common questions that we see in practise. So firstly, a common question is, can women get enough folate alone through their diet for their pregnancy recommendations? CHRISTIE BENNETT: So this is a really common question in practise. And I guess […]

Pregnancy weight gain

– Just eat, just eat whatever you want. No, it’s not a matter of just eating anything. It’s a matter of eating highly nutritious foods, because again, the same way you eat to stay healthy when you’re not pregnant, is the same way you want to eat when you’re pregnant, because now what you eat […]

Is My Pregnancy Weight Gain on Track?

Is my pregnancy weight gain on track? That depends on a lot of factors. Like what? If you are in the first trimester, you shouldn’t be gaining weight, though your breasts should start growing. In the second and third trimester, you might be on track to gain weight. I heard that it is normal to […]